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  1. REMINDER> 5th Competition for the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize

REMINDER> 5th Competition for the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize

by Nicholas Disantis
The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University is pleased to announce the fifth competition for the Stanley Weinstein Dissertation Prize, honoring Professor Weinstein’s many contributions to the study of East Asian Buddhism in North America.  The prize will be awarded once every two years to the best Ph.D. dissertation on East Asian Buddhism written in North America during the two previous years.  The dissertation must be based on original research in the primary languages and should significantly advance our understanding of East Asian Buddhism.  East Asian Buddhism is understood for this competition to refer to those traditions in East Asia that take Chinese translations of the Buddhist scriptures as their basis (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese).  Studies of East Asian Buddhist communities in the West are not eligible for consideration.
The recipient of the award will be invited to give a public lecture at Yale under the auspices of the Council of East Asian Studies.  There is an honorarium of $1,000.
Ph.D. programs in Buddhist Studies/Religious Studies in North America are invited to nominate one dissertation that was completed during the academic years 2014-2015 and 2015-16.*
The deadline for this nomination is December 31, 2016.  The nomination must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation, readers’ reports for the thesis, and one representative chapter of the thesis.  All materials should be sent electronically (PDF format) to
A three-person committee will select three theses to be read in their entirety by all committee members.  The authors of these three theses will be requested to submit the entire theses in PDF format for this final stage of the selection.
The result of the competition will be announced by the beginning of the next academic year.
For more information, please contact
* Nominations by the authors themselves will not be accepted.
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International Relations (IR) and Affairs Group
Anuncio en International Relations (IR) and Affairs Group


Leader in Strategy, Change, Process Improvement, Program Management, Security & Intelligence

The Editorial Board of The Journal of the International Relations and Affairs Group (JIRAG) invites submissions of papers for its forthcoming Winter 2016 Issue.

The journal publishes articles on diplomacy, conflict resolution, international relations theories, international law, international political economy, counter terrorism, geopolitics, security studies, international business, intelligence operations, and regional or current issues related to strategic concerns.

The Journal publishes a hard, and soft copy, and is available on the publisher's website. Past editions of the journal are available online for purchase on Amazon and other retailers. All articles submitted to the journal are confidentially refereed by two independent referees. The journal publishes in English.

Papers on above mentioned topics (min. 4,000 to max 12,000 words) should be sent by email to

Manuscript submissions will be accepted October 30, 2016 to December 18, 2016. Please identify your paper as a submission for the Winter Issue, and include the words "Winter Issue Submission" on your subject line and title page. Manuscripts must be in Microsoft Word at Times New Roman Font size 12, with 1 inch margins. All text, including references, is double-spaced in Times New Roman font with one-inch margins. All submissions must have at least an Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and Reference page.

Submissions must follow the rules recognized for peer reviewed journal articles, and are not opinion based. A submission must have research and citations. Submissions must include:

Articles that do not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected.

All submissions will go through the JIRAG regular double-blind review process and follow the same norms and processes. Your submission (including references) conforms to APA format as outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition).

We Seek Papers On:
• The role of international business (including trade and investment) in military conflicts
• The impact of potential economic sanctions on the coordination and configuration strategies of global companies
• The relationship between political and diplomatic disputes and international business activity
• The impact of terrorism (including cyber terrorism) and threats of terrorism on international business (or nation-state)
• The relationship between international trade and investment and terrorism
• The analysis and management of the political risks arising from the new security environment
• The impact of resource nationalism and energy security on international relations
• The role of and risks posed to international business in ethnic, sectarian and religious conflict
• The responsibilities of multinational firms in failed states
• The human rights responsibilities of multinational firms or host nation state
• The contributions multinational firms can make to the management of post-conflict resolution or humanitarian emergencies
• The relative roles of the private sector and NGOs in peace or recovery operations
• The relationship between national security, information and communication technology, and international business and nation-state
• The ethical responsibilities of multinational firms in war and conflict situations or humanitarian emergencies
• The external stakeholder relations strategy of multinational firms in conflict situations and humanitarian emergencies
• Other International Topics

For more information about manuscript submissions, please visit

OR email the Issue Editors at:


Dr. Daniel J. Evans, D.M.
Founder IRAG


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H-Net Notifications

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  1. New Series/Book> Kongtrul's Treasury of Precious Instructions
  2. 2017 Admission for Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies Opens

New Series/Book> Kongtrul's Treasury of Precious Instructions

by Nikko Odiseos
Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce the first release of a significant new publication effort: Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Taye’s Treasury of Precious Instructions (gDams ngag rin po che’i mdzod).
For the Tibetologists on this list, this needs little introduction, but in brief, this is an 18 volume work on the eight lineages of accomplishment, one model for the classifications of practice traditions in Tibet.
This collection was compiled in a roughly chronological order:
-  Nyingma - Two Volumes (876 pages)
-  Kadampa Tradition - Two Volumes (1190 pages)
-  Sakya Path & Result - Two Volumes (930 pages)
-  Marpa Kagyu - Four Volumes (1567 pages)
-  Shangpa Kagyu - Two Volumes (1304 pages)
-  Pacification & Severance - Two Volumes (900 pages)
-  Kalacakra & Orgyen Nyendrup - One Volume (626 pages)
-  Miscellaneous Teachings - Two Volumes (1088 pages)
-  Jonang Tradition & Catalog - One Volume (630 pages)
We are publishing the volumes asynchronously and releases will spread out over the next few years.
The first volume has just arrived from the printer which is Volume 14, Chöd: The Sacred Teachings on Severance.  Introduced and translated by Sarah Harding (Naropa University), this contains 29 selections which include source scriptures and commentaries, instuctions, guides and more from a variety of authors including Machik Lapdrön, Aryadeva (the Brahmin, not the Nagarjuna disciple), Rangjung Dorje, Tāranātha, Karma Chakme, Kongtrul himself, and many more.
We are grateful to the Tsadra Foundation whose generous support of the translators and publication make this possible.
The link below will take you to to the entry for this volume in our recent newsletter cataloging the 35 books we released (or soon will) in 2016 that relate to Tibetan Buddhism.  We will have this, and all books in the link below at AAR in San Antonio next month so please come by and have a look.  Also, desk and exam copies can be requested from Penguin Random House, our global distributor at
Nikko Odiseos
Shambhala Publications | Snow Lion Publications
4720 Walnut St | Boulder, CO 80301 | o: 720-799-8245

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2017 Admission for Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies Opens

by Andrew Lau
Dear all
2017 Admission for Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies Opens

The admission for 2017 Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies in now open. Please refer to and for more details.

With Mettā
Andrew Lau
Executive Officer
The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong

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Praemium Imperiale para Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Praemium Imperiale para Paulo Mendes da Rocha

O arquiteto brasileiro Paulo Mendes da Rocha, de 87 anos, foi anunciado nesta terça-feira (13) vencedor do 28º Prêmio Imperial do Japão, considerado o Nobel das artes, na categoria arquitetura. Mendes da Rocha é apenas o segundo brasileiro eleito, sucedendo o também arquiteto Oscar Niemeyer, premiado em 2004. Veja mais AQUI.

会場には、小池 百合子東京都知事も、お祝いに駆けつけた。

Boletín de Actividades
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Casa Asia Film Fest, el Festival de Cine Asiático de Barcelona

Casa Asia Film Fest, el Festival de Cine Asiático de Barcelona, ​​que este año llega a su cuarta edición, tendrá lugar del 4 al 13 de noviembre en dos espacios diferentes de la ciudad y proyectará cerca de 80 películas procedentes de una veintena de países asiáticos. El certamen se celebrará mayoritariamente en las salas de los Cinemes Girona, pero una parte de la programación se ofrecerá en CaixaForum. La ampliación de salas de proyección del festival es una de las novedades del certamen.
4 al 13 de noviembre Cines Girona y Caixaforum, Barcelona.

Viernes 28 de octubre

Conferencia “El qigong médico”

18.00 h Fundació Institut Confuci Barcelona.

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Curso “Historias paralelas en el arte I: Asia en la antigüedad”

Del 28 de octubre al 16 de diciembre Centro Casa Asia-Madrid.

Más info  

Sábado 29 de octubre

Ciclo de cine australiano: "The Water Diviner (El maestro del agua)"

20.00 h Cines Girona, Barcelona.

Más info  

Casa Asia en el Salón del Manga

16.30 h Fira de Barcelona (Monjuïc).

Más info  

Miércoles 2 de noviembre

Curso: "Protocolo y cultura de los negocios en Irán"

Del 2 de noviembre al 21 de diciembre Centro Casa Asia-Madrid.

Más info  

I Jornadas CEU-UCH de Asia Oriental: "Valencia, Ciudad de la Seda 2016"

2 al 30 de noviembre Palacio de la Colomina, Valencia.

Más info  


Ciclo de cine japonés: "Pecoross' Mother and her days"

5 de noviembre Cines Girona, Barcelona.

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Curso "Antropología de las religiones: introducción general a tradiciones espirituales de Asia"

8 de noviembre al 20 de diciembre Sede de Casa Asia, Barcelona.

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Desayuno de trabajo: "¡Hong Kong más cerca! Mayor conectividad para mejorar su agenda de negocios"

9 de noviembre Sede de Casa Asia, Barcelona.

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Curso “India a través de la literatura: una mirada femenina a India, de la mano de sus autoras”

9 al 23 de noviembre Sede de Casa Asia, Barcelona.

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