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Asia Society
May 24, 2016

For a year beginning in late 2014, Washington Post reporter Sudarsan Raghavan, winner of this year's Osborn Elliott Prize For Excellence in Journalism on Asia, wrote a series of dispatches from Afghanistan examining daily life beyond conventional stories of war, poverty, and instability. In an interview with Asia Blog, Raghavan discussed the challenges of getting to “the epicenter” of Afghanistan’s stories amid a dangerous landscape, how Afghans are surprisingly influenced by American culture, and why, despite the country's struggles, he remains optimistic about its future.
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Newly elected Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has earned comparisons to Donald Trump for his inflammatory remarks and radical policy suggestions. But in an interview with Asia Blog, two experts on Philippine politics suggest that Duterte is “a big style guy” that is likely more pragmatic than the image he presents.
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In a discussion at Asia Society in New York last week on evolving security challenges in the Middle East, Michael Herzog of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy said that rebuilding the social fabric and investing in long-term education and economic plans are the keys to stability. "We all talk about political solutions, but we neglect the fact that the region suffers from very structural, basic maladies, that are within the societies," he said.
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Wildmind's Meditation

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1. “A Love as Deep as Life Itself: The Bodhisattva Practice of Integrating Wisdom and Compassion”

A Love as Deep as Life Itself (Jun 1-28) is a 28 day event in which we’ll explore the quality of upekkha, or loving wisdom.
This event is suitable for people who are familiar with lovingkindness or compassion meditation.
The practice of upekkha involves cultivating insight as we develop metta (kindness), karuna (compassion), and mudita (joyful appreciation). Not only do we cultivate insight ourselves, but we wish that all beings find the deep peace of awakening.


2. “14 Day Lovingkindness Meditation Challenge ”

The Lovingkindness Meditation Challenge (Jun 1-14) is an introductory 14 day meditation event. It is an opportunity to experience the benefits that come from setting up a rock-solid daily meditation habit. We'll be exploring how to bring greater kindness and compassion into our lives.
Cultivating lovingkindness involves learning to develop kindness, patience, and empathy as we go through life. These attitudes are directed not just to others, but to ourselves. Lovingkindness brings many health and interpersonal benefits—and it is a skill we can learn.
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Estimados interesados en China:

Por este medio nos permitimos invitarlos a asistir al

Tercer Seminario Internacional de América Latina y el Caribe-China

que se llevará a cabo el lunes 30 de mayo, martes 30 de mayo y miércoles 1 de junio de 2016.

El Seminario organizado por la
Red Académica de América Latina y el Caribe sobre China (Red ALC-China) contará con más de 150 ponentes de 20 países y un sinnúmero de páneles paralelos según los cuatro ejes temáticos de la Red.
El programa completo puede consultarse en:

El Seminario es
gratuito -en caso de solicitar un comprobante de asistencia exigimos una asistencia mayor al 80% del evento- y sólo solicitamos registrarse al evento en:

El Seminario Internacional se llevará a cabo en el
Edificio Anexo B de la Facultad de Economía, Ciudad Universitaria

Saludos, enrique dussel peters

Dr. Enrique Dussel Peters
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Ellis, Robert E CIV USARMY AWC (US)

Dear Colleague:

I hope this email finds you well.  I'm writing to share my new study, "Chinese Engaement with Bolivia," just published in both Spanish and English versions in the most recent edition of Air & Space Power Journal en Español.  The work is a detailed study of PRC activities in Bolivia, including trade, investment and construction projects, military sales, and activities in the space and telecommunications sector, following on the much briefer work which I published on the topic several months ago.

Both English and Spanish-language versions of the work are included here, and are also available at the Air & Space Power Journal website at:



Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to continue in contact through this medium.


Evan Ellis

Dr. R. Evan Ellis
Research Professor of Latin American Studies U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute
47 Ashburn Drive

Vikramasila Foundation
Palden Sakya Centers

Khenpo Pema Wangdak, Director
4 W. 101 St., #63, New York, NY 10025


 Message from Lama Guru Gyaltsen; Executive Director --- Pema Ts'al Schools:

Vesak Greetings to everyone -- the most holy and auspicious day for Buddhists (May 21) we have said prayers for all the sentient beings by reciting the Holy Text Astasrahasrika and observed Sojong. In the evening, we have illuminated 108 butter lamps and the children -- all of them have done long prostrations -- 108 times on the terrace. after that starting from 9:00 PM, they sat to recite the Tara Puja the entire night uninterrupted till 5:30 in the morning. Amazing!

Best regards,
Lama Guru Gyaltsen


The Vikramasila Foundation and Palden Sakya Centers for Buddhist study are run under the auspices of His Holiness Sakya Trizin and under the direction of Khenpo Pema Wangdak.

Dharma Centers

There are Palden Sakya Centers are located in the Americas and Europe. See here for locations and contact information.


See our calendar for all upcoming events.
Khenpo Lama Pema Wangdak travels and teaches extensively around the world. Stop by or give us a call if you are near any of our centers. We hope you are able to participate in our programs.

Vikramasila Foundation
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New York, NY 10025

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Asian Currents

The following article has been posted on Asian Currents:
Rosalind Hewett and Evi Eliyanah look at the implications for Asian studies as a result of staff cuts announced for the Australian National University’s School of Culture, History & Language.

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