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Presentació internacional del documental
26 Octubre

Director: Jon Herranz. Productor: Gerard Peris
Aquest diumenge 26 d'octubre a les 20:30h es presenta el documental "Sikyong. La revolució política del 14è Dalai Lama", dins del marc del XI Festival de Cinema i Drets Humans de Barcelona. La projecció es farà als Cinemes Girona de Barcelona (c/ Girona 175 (entre Còrsega i Rosselló). Entrada: 4 euros.
La Fundació Casa del Tibet, com una de les entitats col·laboradores, i després d'haver rebut aquesta mateixa setmana a la seva seu al Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, anima a tots a assistir a aquesta estrena internacional per conèixer, des d'una altra perspectiva, l'organització de l'exili tibetà.
El Ven. Thubten Wangchen assistirà a la projecció acompanyat d'alguns representants de la Comunitat Tibetana i amics de la fundació.
Agraïm per endavant la difusió d'aquesta pel·licula i la vostra participació.

Documental que analitza el procés democràtic viscut a la comunitat tibetana a l'exili a partir de la transferència dels poders polítics de la XIV Dalai Lama a favor del Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, el primer líder polític elegit democràticament al Tibet. Durada: 120 minuts. Idioma: anglès amb subtítols en espanyol.

Més informació: http://www.festivaldecineyderechoshumanos.com/
Dia i hora: Diumenge 26 d'octubre a les 20:30h
Lloc: Cinemas GIRONA de Barcelona (c/ Girona 175 - entre Córsega i Rosselló)
Dirigida per: Director por Jon Herranz. Productor: Gerard Peris
Aportació: 4 euros
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Casa Asia
Jie Shi

Los representantes de Facebook y Twitter en busca de negocios en Beijing

En el diario El País

De: Xulio Ríos

El Estado de derecho asoma en China con una nueva impronta. Claro está que no es la primera vez que esto ocurre y está por ver que se dote de auténtico contenido.

A priori, su invocación como asunto central de la sesión de otoño del Comité Central del Partido Comunista Chino (PCCh) podría mostrarnos un sincero afán de las autoridades por poner coto al abuso de poder, la injusticia, la arbitrariedad y la ausencia de moralidad.

Podríamos interpretar esta apuesta como un nuevo intento de orientar el rumbo de un régimen postotalitario interponiendo diques contra una evolución más nacionalista y populista, cuya significación estratégica y económica constituye un obstáculo creciente para el avance de la democracia y el derecho.

En tal sentido, las invocaciones formuladas por Xi Jinping en 2012 con motivo del trigésimo aniversario de la vigente Constitución china, a favor de la construcción de un país regido por la ley, retumban ahora, dos años después, con el propósito de avanzar en su concreción.

Pero el compromiso auspiciado por el PCCh, señalado como un nuevo episodio de su acción políticamente modernizadora, pudiera no tener tanto que ver con la significación de dicho concepto en nuestro entorno, indisolublemente asociado al reconocimiento de derechos y libertades recogidos en la Constitución; y más con la actualización histórica de aquella doctrina legista que marcó breve pero intensamente la historia china.

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Khenpo Pema Wangdak, Director
4 W. 101 St., #63, New York, NY 10025

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Anyone interested to join the Buddhist Council of NY in forming a Palden Sakya Group for the November 1st Walk to Feed the Hungry event -- please email: paldensakya@vikramasila

From the Buddhist Council of New York:

BGR Walk in Riverside Park, New York City, Saturday, November 1, 2014
Registration 9:00 am; Walk starts at 10:00 am

An Invitation from Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Dear Dharma Friends,

This fall, in different cities around the U.S. and abroad, Buddhist Global Relief will be holding its fifth “Walk to Feed the Hungry.” Today some 900 million people worldwide face hunger as a fact of daily life. Hunger and hunger — related illnesses claim six million lives each year, half of them children. In a world where trillions of dollars are spent on weapons and war, the extent of hunger is a blemish on the soul of humanity. The “Walk to Feed the Hungry” is a moral counterweight to this: a gesture of care and compassion by which we express our commitment to helping those in need.

I write to cordially invite you to join us on this walk. Our purpose is to raise funds for our many projects that address hunger and malnutrition. These include right livelihood training for girls in Sri Lanka; meals and scholarships for poor kids in Haiti; food scholarships to girls and their families in Cambodia; education and vocational training for kids in Bangladesh; nutritional guidance and micronutrient supplements in Côte d’Ivoire; a tuition center for women and girls in India; urban gardens here in the U.S.; and sustainable agriculture programs in Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti, India, and Malawi.

The BGR “Walk to Feed the Hungry” has already become an American Buddhist tradition. Our first walk took place in New Jersey in October 2010. In 2011 we held four walks, and last year a dozen walks, including solidarity walks in India and Cambodia. We expect a similar number this year. By putting your own feet to work, you’ll be helping provide people in need with the means by which they can help themselves: with food, water, training, tools, and seeds. You’ll also be tackling the underlying roots of hunger, by enabling poor girls to attend school and giving women the chance to earn more to support their families.

In New York City the walk will take place on the morning of Saturday, November 1st 2014, at Riverside Park. We will gather at 9:00 am and begin walking at 10:00 am. At the walk’s end there will be a lunch at a nearby church, with talks and a chance to share experiences with others. A walk like this offers us a channel to express our collective compassion in solidarity with the world’s poor. It’s also a great form of exercise and an opportunity to make new friends.

Please join us, and also mobilize members of your congregation, Dharma group, or community to participate as well. Registration information can be found on our website, http://www.buddhistglobalrelief.org/index.html. Please register as early as possible. By creating a First Giving Fundraising page, you can enable your friends and relatives to share in the merits of the walk by supporting you in this worthy endeavor. http://www.firstgiving.com/BuddhistGlobalRelief/new-york-city-2014-walk-to-feed-the-hungry

Vikramasila Foundation and Palden Sakya Centers
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Asian Studies programs threatened at Copenhagen University

Dear colleagues,

I am writing you today in a sad affair. Several Asian Studies programs at the University of Copenhagen are threatened with closure.

All of a sudden the Danish Minister for Education, Chrstine Antorini, has issued orders to reduce the intake of students on an MA level by 30%, which would, due to Danish laws, automatically mean an even larger cut (up to 50%!) in the B.A. intake. For many of the subjects at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, where our programs are located, the plans announced by the Ministry and to be implemented by the Faculty are a disaster. The plan would mean that for instance Tibetan Studies could be completely closed down next year.

The plans of Mrs. Chrstine Antorini would also be a disaster for many other small subjects such as Hebrew, Eskimo, and American Indian Studies, but also for Indian, Korean, and South-East Asian Studies. Such cultures and languages with their long and rich history would all of a sudden not be represented anymore in the academic landscape of Denmark. I don’t need to tell you that this would have catastrophic consequences for how these cultures would be in future represented in the media and in politics in Denmark.

I would therefore like to ask you to voice concern about this development to the Minister of Education, Chrstine Antorini, and to the leadership of Copenhagen University. Their addresses are given below.

If you have any questions in this regard, you are welcome to contact me or our Institute leader, Dr. Ingolf Thuesen, directly.

Best regards,

Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
Tibetan Studies, Copenhagen University

Prof. Dr. Ingolf Thuesen: i-leder.tors@hum.ku.dk

Chrstine Antorini
The Ministry of Education
Frederiksholms Kanal 21
1220 Copenhagen K

President of the University of Copenhagen
Ralf Hemmingsen

Please kindly provide us with a copy, if you decide to write a letter for our support.
Dr. phil. Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
Associate Professor for Tibetan Studies
Erasmus Coordinator / ToRS
Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen
Karen Blixens vej 4, Bygning 10, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Tel. office: +45 51 30 29 97
see my blog:
privat: Brahmsallee 10, 20144 Hamburg, Germany

Casa Asia
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