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Hong Kong twenty years on: reasons to be cheerful

A new mindset seems to be emerging from Beijing and it has increased anxiety levels in Hong Kong, but it is too early to write off the resilience of the Hong Kongese, writes Kerry Brown

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Cinco autores esenciales del cine coreano contemporáneo
Charla a cargo de Diego Brodersen



Un breve repaso del reciente boom del cine coreano a partir de la obra de cinco de sus cineastas más destacados: Hong Sang-soo, Park Chan-wook, Kim Ki-duk, Lee Chang-dong y Bong Joon-ho. Un recorrido por algunas de las películas más relevantes de estos cinco realizadores, dueños de estilos y temáticas radicalmente diversas, personalidades de una industria cinematográfica pujante que sigue siendo tomada como modelo en el resto del mundo.

Diego Brodersen es crítico de cine, periodista y docente. Fue programador del Bafici y condujo el programa "Ficciones de lo Real" en la TV Pública. Actualmente escribe en el suplemento Radar de Página/12, la revista Ñ y la Rolling Stone.

Miércoles 23 de agosto a las 19 hs
en el Centro Cultural Coreano
(Coronel Díaz 2884, CABA)

Entrada gratuita

Para inscribirse a la charla, por favor haga click aquí:

A las 20:30 hs se realizará un cóctel de inauguración
de la muestra de pósters Grandes Directores Contemporáneos

La semana de la charla recibirá un e-mail de confirmación.

¡Los esperamos!

jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

Social Media
Social Media


Para comemorar seus 15 anos de existência, o grupo Wadaiko Sho promove, nos dias 2 e 3 de setembro, no Teatro Sérgio Cardoso, um show de aniversário. As apresentações acontecem às 17h e 19h15, no sábado, e às 14h, no domingo.

Nesta comemoração, o Wadaiko Sho apresentará seu show tradicional, incluindo repertórios antigos, como as músicas Tokinonagare e Futebol, presentes no período de formação do grupo.


Wadaiko Sho 15 anos – show de aniversário

Data e horário:
2 de setembro de 2017, às 17h e às 19h15
3 de setembro de 2017, às 14h
Local: Teatro Sérgio Cardoso (Sala Paschoal Carlos Magno)
Endereço: Rua Rui Barbosa, 153 - Bela Vista – São Paulo – SP

Capacidade: 144 lugares (10 lugares para cadeirantes)
Duração: 90 minutos
Classificação: Livre

Ingressos: R$ 60/R$ 30 (inteira/meia-entrada),
com valores promocionais de R$ 30 até o dia 27 de agosto.
Bilheteria: (11) 3288-0136

Informações: Taikoart Produção Cultural
Tel: (11) 98132-9905

© Fundação Japão em São Paulo 2002 - 2017. Todos os direitos reservados.

H-Net Notifications

Table of Contents

  1. RESOURCE> Siddham online database of South Asian inscriptions

RESOURCE> Siddham online database of South Asian inscriptions

by Lewis Doney
Dear colleagues,

A new online database of South Asian inscriptions, "Siddham" (http://siddham.uk/), was launched by "Beyond Boundaries: Religion, Region, Language and the State" project. Our team expects the database will continue to expand its corpus, include translations, and incorporate new languages starting with Burmese Pyu and Old Tibetan. We welcome any feedback on the usability of the platform or other suggestions through our online feedback form (http://siddham.uk/contact). 

Please know that the structural metadata, the XML-tagged transliterations (following EpiDoc TEI standards), and the supporting photographic data are being archived within the Siddham community of Zenodo (https://zenodo.org/communities/siddham/?page=1&size=20). This will enable open access as well as protect the database in case of any unforeseen eventuality.

The "Siddham" database is a resource for the study of inscriptions from South and Central Asia. It is the key output of "Beyond Boundaries," a major multidisciplinary research project which aims to re-vision the history of Asia in one of its most significant periods. The project focuses on the period of the Guptas (circa 320 to 550), which had an enduring impact on India and across Central and Southeast Asia in a host of cultural, religious and socio-political spheres. 

The project is based at the British Museum, British Library and the School of Oriental and African Studies, and funded by an ERC-Synergy grant for 2014–2020.

With best wishes,
Lewis Doney
Research Assistant,

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Upcoming Events at the Jung Center
Thursday, August 17 2017

Discover the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

No sense of humor? Don’t feel like laughing? No problem! No matter your mood, the healing yogic breathing and movement exercises of Laughter Yoga will strengthen your immune system, oxygenate both the brain and body, reduce stress, and bring joy and forgiveness. Laughter Yoga exercises are simple and easy to use in your daily life. The mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits of laughter continue to be confirmed by hundreds of studies and testimonials. When practiced in a group, the exercises create a healing experience, where emotions are released in a healthy way. There are no on-the-floor exercises, and no yoga mats or special exercise clothing required. All ages and physical abilities are welcome.

Lainie Diamond
Wednesday, Aug 23
6:30 - 7:30pm
$15 ($10 Jung Center Members)

Film and Psychoanalysis Series:

Through the lens of a young Indian boy, we experience being fundamentally lost, profound searching, and survival. Through symbols, story, and sound, we will track his finding of home as we tap into our own internal and external experiences of loss/lost and found.

Jennifer Embry
Thursday, Aug 17

Origami: Friday Folding

Ease into your weekend with the peaceful art of origami.

Joan Son
Friday, Aug 18
11am - 12:30pm
$25 ($20 Jung Center Members)

Film and Psychoanalysis Series:


This coming-of-age story portrays the excruciating struggle of an emotionally abused boy named Chiron growing up with his crack-addicted mother, and without a father, in the projects outside Miami in the 1980’s. What saves Chiron may be his childhood connection to the local drug dealer, Juan, who is internalized as a paternal figure and a loving attachment.

Barbara Mosbacher
Thursday, Aug 24

Rashômon: Free Film Screening and Lecture

In discussing Kurosawa's masterpiece, we will consider the dynamics of madness, the nature of subjectivity in psychic reality, as well as possible lenses through which to recognize the strands of our common humanity.

Kittredge Stephenson
Thursday, Aug 31

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Dr. Hollis's New Book!

Due February 1st

Jung Center Director Emeritus, Dr. James Hollis, has written a new book!  Living an Examined Life isn't due to hit shelves 
until February of next year, but if you can'
t wait to reserve your copy until then, we
 can help you out.  See below the book's description for information on how to 
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How do you define “growing up”?  Does it mean you achieve certain cultural 
 benchmarks—a steady income, paying
 taxes, marriage, and children?  Or does
 it mean leaving behind the expectations
 of others and growing into the person
 you were meant to be?  If you find 
 yourself in a career, place, relationship,
 or crisis you never foresaw and that 
seems at odds with your beliefs about
 who you are, it means your soul is 
calling on you to reexamine your path.
With Living an Examined Life, James 
Hollis offers an essential guidebook for anyone at a crossroads in life.  Here, this acclaimed author guides you through 21 
for self-inquiry and growth—such as 
how to exorcise the ghosts of 
your past, when 
to choose meaning over happiness,
to construct a mature spirituality, and
 how to seize permission to be who 
you really are.  With his trademark
 eloquence and insight, Dr. Hollis
 offers a potent resource you’ll return 
to time and again to energize and inspire
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Living an Examined Life is available 
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Art Gallery

July and August in our gallery...

The Jung Center is again pleased 

to present a juried show of the best 

of Houston’s exciting young artists 

from the High School for Performing

 and Visual Arts (HSPVA). This exhibit 

is alive and new, innovative and full

 of fun.


On exhibit through August 30

Image credit: “Duowls” by Tamsin Ward

Parking Changes 

in the Neighborhood

Update: We are pleased to announce that 
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As a patron of The Jung Center, you
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We are proud to announce the launch of online classes.  Now you can access 
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You can access a few of our online 

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The Secret Lives of Emotions: Shame
Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC
1.0 CE Hour
$23 ($18 Jung Center Members)

The Poet as Depth Psychologist
James Hollis, PhD, Jungian Analyst
6.0 CE Hours
$80 ($70 Jung Center Members)


Healing Circles at
The Jung Center

As the volume increases in our local and national conversation, comprehension
 and true dialogue seem in danger of vanishing entirely.  Now more than ever
 we need to practice the necessary – and difficult – art of listening.  Layers of thought, emotion, memory and image are always present in our encounters with others.  
will explore how to attend to these layers 
and how to make possible more direct and meaningful connections.  The intention is to enhance our capacity to listen deeply. 
 We will have several topics and questions
 to choose from and will use a Healing 
Circle (Peer Spirit) process which will be explained at the beginning of each

Healing Circles are held from 6 - 7:30pm, on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, at The Jung Center.

Click here for more information, or email Becky Dodds if you are interested 
in attending.

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If you’re interested in learning more, 
please contact Maria Graff by email or by calling (713) 524 – 8253, extension 30.