lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

¡Se acerca la fecha!

Si todavía no lo has hecho, Todavía estas a tiempo de inscribirte a la Cena de Gala y entrega de Premios Cátedra China.

La convocatoria está siendo todo un éxito y por el momento está ya confirmada la asistencia a la Gala de invitados muy destacados, entre ellos:
  • el Excmo Embajador de la R.P. China en España, Sr Lyu Fan
  • el Presidente del Congreso, Don Patxi López
  • el Presidente del Senado, Don Pio G.Escudero
  • el Presidente de la Generalitat Valenciana Don Ximo Puig
  • la Alcaldesa de Madrid, Doña Manuela Carmena
  • el Ex Presidente del Gobierno de España y miembro del Consejo de Estado, Sr. Rodriguez Zapatero
  • el Ex Embajador de España en la RP China, Don Eugenio Bregolat
  • el Ex Embajador de España en la RP China, Don Juan Leña
  • el Ex Embajador de España en la RP China, Don Pablo Bravo
y muchos otras personalidades destacadas del ámbito político y empresarial relacionado con China.

Si todavía no lo has hecho, te invitamos a inscribirte a la Gala lo antes posible. Disponemos de un número limitado de plazas, y las reservas se aceptarán por estricto orden de inscripción. 

Asian Currents

The following articles have been posted on Asian Currents:
Indian democracy under threat as inequity fuels religious tensions
RIAZ HASSAN sees problems ahead for India if the country’s growing Muslim population continues to miss out on the benefits of the country’s spectacular economic growth.
Asian pop: China’s new power confrontation
TETS KIMURA looks at the growing influence of ‘pop’ in Asia and suggests China’s heavy-handed approach towards a young flag-waving Taiwanese pop star may have influenced the recent Taiwan election result.
AMY CHAN says Asian studies research in Australia is being hampered by loss of library expertise and poor access to resources.

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domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016


Aqui no Brasil, fim de verão.
Lá no Japão, ameixeiras em flor.
Para celebrar: “Nossa irmã mais nova”, de Hirokazu Koreeda. Finalmente, em cartaz.
是枝 裕和監督新作「海街diary 」いよいよサンパウロでも公開されます(3月3日から、女性をテーマにした映画なので、「ひな祭り」の日に合わせたのか?)


H-Net Notifications

Table of Contents

  1. JOB> Digital Humanities Professorships in Leiden
  2. NEW JOURNAL ISSUE> New Issue of Buddhist Studies Review: Vol 32, No 2 (2015)
  3. ADMIN> Job Postings on H-Net

JOB> Digital Humanities Professorships in Leiden

Posted on behalf of Jonathan Silk who suggests this might be of interest to Buddhologists. (The H-Net job postings for these are in the pipes.)
Forwarded Message Below:
The Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University invites applications for 2 fulltime assistant professorships in Digital Humanities.

Assistant Professor Digital Humanities with focus on text analysis (1.0 fte)

Assistant Professor Digital Humanities with focus on data-analysis and visualization (1.0 fte)

The Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities (LUCDH) is recruiting two assistant professors to develop innovative research projects that take full advantage of digital sources and methods, to design and implement teaching programmes in Digital Humanities and to collaborate with digital humanities research across the university.

The two hires will be in complementary areas of the Digital Humanities (DH). We are looking for candidates with an area of specialisation in one of two broader areas. The first position will focus on text analysis (including text and image mark-up, text-mining, corpus linguistics, named entity recognition, topic modelling, or machine learning). The other will focus on the development of data analysis and visualisation platforms (including database design, visualisation, network analysis, or geographic information systems).

For more information go to: 

These hires are part of a broader investment in DH at Leiden. The University Library is also recruiting for two positions (in Dutch:

We also expect to recruit for two to three Ph.D. fellowships in the near future.

Please do NOT write to me about this job; I know nothing more than what you read above.
J. Silk
Leiden University
Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, LIAS
Matthias de Vrieshof 3, Room 0.05b
2311 BZ Leiden
The Netherlands
copies of my publications may be found at
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NEW JOURNAL ISSUE> New Issue of Buddhist Studies Review: Vol 32, No 2 (2015)

New Issue of Buddhist Studies Review: Vol 32, No 2 (2015)
TOC Below. More information here:
Editorial    PDF  Open Access
Peter Harvey    177-178

The Liberative Role of Jhānic Joy (Pīti) and Pleasure (Sukha) in the Early Buddhist Path to Awakening
Keren Arbel    179-206

The Ancient Theravāda Meditation System, Borān Kammaṭṭhāna: Ānāpānasati or ‘Mindfulness of The Breath’ in Kammatthan Majjima Baeb Lamdub  
Andrew Skilton ,    Phibul Choompolpaisal    207-229

Observations on Some Technical Terms in the *Vimuttimagga and their English Translations: An Examination of Jiā () and Visayappavatti
Kyungrae Kim    231-243

Tibetan Evidence for the Sources of Chapters of the Synoptic Suvarṇa-prabhāsottama-sūtra T 664 Ascribed to Paramārtha  
Michael Radich    245-270

Images of the Four Heavenly Kings in Unified Silla As the Symbol of National Defense
Young-Ae Lim    271-293

Buddhisms: An Introduction, by John S. Strong. Oneworld Publications, 2015. 450pp. Pb. £20.00. ISBN-13: 9781780745053; e-book. ISBN-13: 9781780745060.  
Christopher V. Jones    295-298

Women in Early Indian Buddhism: Comparative Textual Studies, edited by Alice Collett. Oxford University Press, 2014. South Asia Research, a Publication Series of the University of Texas South Asia Institute and Oxford University Press. 288pp  
Charles Hallisey    299-304

Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia (Metropolitan Museum of Art), edited by John Guy. Yale University Press, 2014. 352pp. Hb. £45.00. ISBN-13: 9780300204377
Sarah Shaw    305-308

Eimei Enju to Sugyōroku no kenkyū 永明延寿と『宗鏡録』の研究, by Yanagi Mikiyasu 幹康, Kyoto: Hōzōkan, 2015, 486pp. Hb. ¥7,000. Japanese. ISBN: 9784831873897
Jason Protass    309-312

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ADMIN> Job Postings on H-Net

Dear Colleagues:
I have written about this numerous times in the past, but it still seems that the matter needs to be clarified once in a while.
The rules established by H-Net state that member networks such as H-Buddhism are required to have job advertisements registered with the H-Net Job Guide.
Some of our subscribers are not happy with this policy, and indeed, some members of our editorial team also wish it were otherwise. It is pointed out that payment for job ads is not practiced in Europe. It is also pointed out that some popular listserves in our field, such as Indology, the Korean Studies list, the Confucian Studies list, and others, are willing to post jobs for free.
We are in a different situation than such individual listserves. We are supported by H-Net, which provides extensive services (including job ads for the full spectrum of Humanities) that are not supported by individual listserves, including book reviews, linking with other networks, blogging, uploading of images and videos, and so forth. For the book review service alone, H-Net pays the salaries of several professional copy editors. H-Net also has a staff, servers, and other infrastructure at Michigan State that requires financial support. The job ads are the principal source of income for this. Also, H-Net is a North American network, and in North America, journals pay for job ads. Finally, the cost of job ads on H-Net is significantly less than alternative outlets such as the Chronicle.
We are of course very happy to have job ads posted separately on H-Buddhism, and this is good for the advertisers as well, as the ad will be guaranteed to reach most scholars in the field. We also repost the job ads on our Twitter account.
Therefore we ask you: please post your job ads on H-Buddhism, but before doing so, please register them with the Job Guide first. When you have the link generated by the Job Guide, you can include that in your post.
Job ads that are not pre-registered with the Job Guide will not be posted.

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