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Cursos de entrenamiento en artes escénicas tradicionales del Japón
Información sobre dos cursos de entrenamiento en artes escénicas tradicionales del Japón, uno es para personas que deseen recibir entrenamiento en cómo escribir obras de teatro ritual medieval Noh. El curso brinda la posibilidad de profundizar sobre las caracterìsticas de la estructura de las obras. El otro se realiza en Kyoto y hay tres posibilidades: teatro ritual Noh, interludios cómicos Kyogen -estos dos agrupados bajo el nombre Nohgaku, son patrimonio universal según la UNESCO- y Nihon Buyo -danza tradicional japonesa. Todos los cursos son en inglés.

Theatre Nohgaku Writers' Workshop 2010

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

Theatre Nohgaku (TN) is pleased to announce its 8th Annual Writers' Workshop, to be held at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas April 2-4, 2010. Led by TN founder and artistic director Richard Emmert, the workshop will familiarize participants with the structure of classical noh, Japan’s 650-year-old traditional stage art. Mr. Emmert will be assisted by TN founding member John Oglevee.
The Writers’ Workshop began in Tokyo in 2003 and has since alternated annually between Japan and the United States. The workshop is an important part of TN’s mission as a multi-national theatre company championing the creation and performance of new English-language noh. Two noh plays in TN’s repertory are a direct result of the workshop: Pagoda by 2008 workshop participant Jannette Cheong, featured in TN’s just completed European tour, and Pine Barrens by 2003 participant and TN member Greg Giovanni, featured in TN’s 2006 Southeast U.S. tour.
The three-day workshop will cover all aspects of noh but will focus particularly on introducing its complex structural layering of spoken text and how it is integrated with music and dance. Participants will also view noh videos to better understand these structural characteristics.
This workshop benefits playwrights, poets and other interested wordsmiths. Past workshops have been attended by composers, dancers, actors and literature and theatre scholars including award-winning playwrights Erik Ehn, Ruth Margraff and Deborah Brevoort as well as composer/lyricist Eric Schorr, poet Lee Ann Brown and actor/director Tony Torn.
The total cost of the workshop is $150 USD. Participants with little or no background in noh theatre should prepare by reading translations from Royall Tyler’s “Japanese Noh Dramas” published by Penguin Classics.
Currently registered university students are invited to participate for $75, a 50% discount. SMU students only can participate for $20.
Cost does NOT include transportation, accommodation or food.
The workshop is limited to 15 participants, with a nonrefundable deposit of $50 ($20 for students) due March 1. The remaining amount is due March 25. If more than 15 apply, a waiting list will be created.
For more information regarding the workshop, contact Theatre Nohgaku at Applications should be made by email to Please include a brief description of yourself and reasons why you wish to attend. Local contact for the workshop is SMU Music Professor Kevin Salfen who can be contacted at or by phone at 214-768-3687 214-768-3687. Payments by check should be made out to Theatre Nohgaku and sent to:
Dr. Kevin Salfen
Visiting Assistant Professor and Acting Chair of Music History,
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750356
Dallas, TX 75275-0356
WHAT: Theatre Nohgaku's 8th Annual Writers Workshop
WHEN: April 2-4, 2010 (9:30-12:00, 1:30-4:30 daily)
WHERE: Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas
COST: $150 USD ($75 for students/$20 for SMU students)
26th Traditional Theatre Training 2010
The 26th annual Traditional Theatre Training institute is accepting applications to study noh, kyogen, or nihonbuyo in Kyoto from July 17-August 10th. Studying in classes of 8 with Kanze, Okura, Nishikawa school masters, students train daily to master dance and dramatic forms, culminating with a recital at the Oe Noh Theatre. Each year a variety of artists, teachers, and researchers, Japanese and from around the world, participate. Scholarships are available to artists and students, with further discounts for early registration and repeater participation. The program should cost approximately US$2000, including housing and tuition fees.
This year, the first 3-days of the orientation Workshops are available independently for 10,000 (students) ($110). These will provide an overview of Japanese performing arts, and experiential knowledge of these pillars of Japanese performance traditions in a series of lecture-demonstrations and experiential workshops (in Japanese with English interpretation).
For further details, please see> or write Jonah Salz, program director, at address below.> > Dr. Jonah Salz> Faculty of Intercultural Communication> Ryukoku University Seta Shiga 520-2194 520-2194> saludo

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