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El instituto
El Instituto de Cultura del Centro Universitario de Estudios (CUDES)  es una iniciativa de reciente creación, que surge como fruto de las actividades culturales del Centro desarrolladas en los últimos años, a partir  del período previo al bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo. El Instituto se propone constituirse en un ámbito de docencia e  investigación, […]

Nadie es la patria, pero todos lo somos.
Arda en mi pecho y en el vuestro, incesante,
ese límpido fuego misterioso.
La Sociedad Asiática les desea  Muchas Felicidades  para las la próximas Fiestas

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  1. JOBS> H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Buddhism: 11 December - 18 December

JOBS> H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Buddhism: 11 December - 18 December

by Matthew McMullen
The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from
11 December 2017 to 18 December 2017.  These job postings are included here based on the categories selected by the list editors for H-Buddhism.  See the H-Net Job Guide website at for more information.  To contact the Job Guide,
write to, or call +1-517-432-5134 between 9 am and 5 pm US Eastern time.


Smithsonian Institution - Smithsonian Libraries - Opportunities for
Research 2018-2019


Georgia College & State University - Assistant Professor of Asian

University of British Columbia - Tianzhu Charitable Foundation
Postdoctoral Fellowship in East Asian Buddhism


Brown University - Postdoctoral Fellow for Data Curation in Latin
American and Caribbean Indigenous Languages

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science - Full-stack
Developer - GIS (full time, TVoD E13/14)

University of Louisiana - Lafayette - Assistant Professor, Public


Smithsonian Institution - Smithsonian Libraries - Opportunities for
Research 2018-2019

Virginia Tech -- Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Assistant Professor
of Race in American Religion and Culture


City University of New York - Queens College - College Laboratory
Technician- Chemistry

Farmingdale State College - Assistant Professor - History, Politics &

University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural
Resources - Area Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Advisor


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H-Net Notifications

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  1. CFP> ILBF 9, Nakhon Pathom (Thailand), 25-29 Oct 2018

CFP> ILBF 9, Nakhon Pathom (Thailand), 25-29 Oct 2018

by B. Scherer
Dear all, 
The CfP below might be interesting to those with Buddhist community links; share freely.
Kind regards,
Professor Bee Scherer, PhD
Director, INCISE research centre, 
Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K. 

Call for Participation
9th International Lay Buddhist Forum
“Lay Buddhists - Roles and Relations: Buddhist Lives of Mindful Transformation”
Oct. 25-29, 2018
Nakhon Pathom (
นครปฐม), Thailand
Dear Buddhist friends and practitioners-cum-scholars,
We are delighted to announce the 9th International Lay Buddhist Forum to be held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, October, 25-29 2018, locally organized by devoted Thai Lay Buddhists.
The forum will take place in the very province traditionally seen as the cradle of Buddhism in Thailand and will coincide with H.M. King Rama 9th's cremation anniversary.

Two full days of programmed events (26-27 Oct) will be followed by a one-day temple tour (28 Oct).

The theme of this year’s forum is “Lay Buddhists - Roles and Relations: Buddhist Lives of Mindful Transformation.”

Participants are welcomed from all Buddhist schools of thought and practice. We particularly encourage the participation of (lay) Buddhist teachers; community leaders; educators; and youth representatives.
The forum will bring together Buddhists from around the globe who want to engage actively with the programme on a shared journey of discovery and learning about Buddhist transformative life practices. Participants will contribute to the discussions, workshops, and round-tables. A limited amount of academic papers and panels will complement the forum.  The two full days of the programme will be followed by a one- day temple tour.
All aspiring participants should send a proposal indicating their Buddhist affiliation (if any) and a statement of around 200 words indicating their suggested contribution relating the forum’s theme “Lay Buddhists - Roles and Relations: Buddhist Lives of Mindful Transformation”.

The 200-word submission may consist of
-          a suggested contribution to a discussion topic (example topics below)
-          the presentation of a Buddhist organisation’s approach to transformative lay life
-          an academic paper abstract
-          an individual motivational statement, e.g. under the heading ‘How does Buddhism transform my daily life?’
-          a workshop/practice contribution (dharma activity, sharing, meditation etc.)

Topics may include, but are not limited to,
-          Sharing All-day Compassion and Wisdom: Buddhist Ethics and Right Livelihood in Practice
-          Mindful Buddhist Social and Political Engagement
-          Buddhist organisations: Transforming Hearts and Societies
-          Householders, Yogis, Leaders: Inspirational Lay Buddhists and their relevance for Buddhist Life today

Please send your proposal to, with a copy to Ms. Kathy

More Information about the ILBF can be found at:

In case of further questions, please email (copying

Proposal deadline:  March 15, 2018. 

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H-Net Notifications

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  1. NEW BOOK> BDK : Three Short Treatises by Vasubandhu, Sengzhao, and Zongmi

NEW BOOK> BDK : Three Short Treatises by Vasubandhu, Sengzhao, and Zongmi

by Bill Teague

ISBN: 978-1-886439-66-5
This volume contains three short texts:
  • A Mahayana Demonstration on the Theme of Action by Vasubandhu (Taishō 1609), translated by John P. Keenan.
  • Essays of Sengzhao (Taishō 1858), translated by Rafal Felbur.
  • Treatise on the Origin of Humanity by Zongmi (Taishō 1886), translated by Jan Yün-hua.
From the back cover:
Despite its brevity, A Mahayana Demonstration on the Theme of Action (Karmasiddhi-prakaraṇa), attributed to Vasubandhu and translated into Chinese by the scholar-monk Xuanzang, is a densely packed philosophical argumentation on the correct interpretation of scriptural references about the three kinds of actions of body, speech, and mind. The text reflects Yogācāra philosophy, including discussion of the storehouse consciousness (ālayavijñāna).

Sengzhao’s Essays (Zhao lun), comprising an introductory chapter, four essays, and an exchange of letters, can be seen as an extended meditation on sagehood, a perennial theme in Chinese religio-philosophical thought. These writings offer an original response to a set of concerns unique to Sengzhao, his community, and his times, and are an important voice in the religious speculation of early medieval China.

The Treatise on the Origin of Humanity (Yuanren lun) by the Huayan patriarch Zongmi classifies various teachings of Buddhism on a scale of relative profundity, and specifically critiques the weaknesses of the teachings of Confucianism and Daoism, which he regards as inferior to Buddhism. This work formed the basis for some of the arguments in later East Asian history on the relationship of the three teachings.

Available now from BDK America.

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Here is the latest at Asian Currents:

Political transformation in Timor-Leste hits the pause button

Politics in East Timor have reached something of an impasse and could develop in a number of directions, either a return to old patterns or transformational, writes James Scambary

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Kind regards

Jane Freebury

Editor, Asian Currents
The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus Newsletter
Newsletter No. 24, 2017     

December 15
, 2017

New Articles

Paul Kramer

Atsushi Yamagata

Narusawa Muneo and Ishibashi Katsuhiko with an introduction by Youngmi Lim

Miriam Kingsberg Kadia

Michelle Chen


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H-Net Notifications

Table of Contents

  1. CFP> UK Association for Buddhist Studies Annual Conference 2018

CFP> UK Association for Buddhist Studies Annual Conference 2018

by Rupert Gethin
UK Association for Buddhist Studies Annual Conference
21–22 June 2018
University of Bristol
Call for Papers

We invite proposals for papers for the UK Association for Buddhist Studies Annual Conference, which will take place at the University of Bristol, 21–22 June 2018. The theme of the conference will be ‘Buddhism and Material Culture’. We welcome proposals for papers addressing any aspect of this topic relating to Buddhism ancient or modern, in Asia or the West.
Presenters will be allocated forty minutes for their paper and fifteen minutes for discussion, and will normally be expected to pay their own conference registration and expenses. The conference fee, including food but excluding accommodation, is expected to be £75 for UKABS members (£65 for student, retired, monastic and unwaged members) and £100 for non-members. Final registration details will be announced in February 2018.
We also welcome proposals from doctoral research students, who will be allocated twenty minutes for their paper and ten minutes for discussion, and given free registration.
Some financial assistance may be available to those whose participation depends upon it; please indicate if this is the case when submitting your abstract.

To propose a paper, please send a title and abstract of no more than 500 words to by Friday, 9 February 2018.
Rupert Gethin
Professor of Buddhist Studies
University of Bristol
Department of Religion and Theology
3 Woodland Road
Bristol BS8 1TB, UK
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H-NetPlease help us keep H-Net free and accessible. $10 from each of our subscribers would fund H-Net for two years. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online.

Fundació Casa del Tibet

Fundació Casa del Tibet

Ceremonia por la Paz Mundial
y el aniversario del Premio Nobel 

Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos y 28 aniversario del Premio Nobel de la Paz al Dalai Lama
Domingo 10 Diciembre 2017 a las 10 h

Este domingo 10 de diciembre de 2017, en el Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, la Fundación Casa del Tíbet y la Comunidad Tibetana de Barcelona invitan a todos a participar de una breve Ceremonia por la Paz Mundial y para celebrar el aniversario del Premio Nobel de la Paz concedido a su Santidad en 1989 como reconocimiento a su incansable labor en la promoción de los valores humanos, la armonía entre las religiones y el respeto por el medio ambiente y todos los seres. La ceremonia será dirigida por los monjes del Monasterio de Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangtsen (India) y el Ven. Thubten Wangchen. Al finalizar, se ofrecerá arroz dulce, chai y kabses (té y pastas tibetanas) a todos los asistentes.
Tras la celebración, que empieza a las 10h, se realizará una Marcha Pacífica por el corazón de Barcelona para recordar al mundo la situación de los tibetanos dentro de Tíbet y pedir a China que dialogue con el exilio tibetano representado en Dharamsala, India. Este evento tiene lugar en el marco del Festival del Tibet & de Derechos Humanos (más detalles aquí).

Día y hora: Domingo 10 Diciembre 2017 a las 10h
Lugar: Fundación Casa del Tibet
Dirigida por: Ven. Thubten Wangchen y los monjes de Gaden Jangtse Tsawa Khangtsen (India)
Aportación: Entrada libre
Contacto: +34 932075966
Organiza: Fundació Casa del Tibet

Vostè rep aquest correu perquè s'ha registrat a Fundació Casa del Tibet de Barcelona
Respectem la seva privacitat.

Fundació Casa del Tibet
c/ Rosselló 181
+34 93 207 59 66