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Institute of Buddhist Studies

Spring and Summer 2015
Schedule of Events
Dear Liliana,
The Institute of Buddhist Studies is pleased to present a number of events over the next several months, and we invite you to explore these rich and diverse Dharma offerings.

  • February 2015
Buddhism and Counseling: 2015 IBS Winter Symposium
February 26 @ 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel San Diego,
2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108 United States

In conjunction with the 2015 BCA National Council Meeting, the Institute of Buddhist Studies and the Center for Buddhist Education will co-host a symposium on "Buddhism and Counseling." This symposium will feature a number of distinguished speakers. To give an overview on "Counseling in the Buddhist tradition," we will hear from Dr. Daijaku Kinst, and Dr. David Pating.

  • March 2015
Sixth International Ryukoku Symposium: Buddhism and Japanese Culture
March 21
Jodo Shinshu Center (IBS),
2140 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 United States
With lectures in both Japanese and English, this symposium will provide perspectives on a variety of traditional forms of practice. Details to follow soon.
·         May 2015
Buddhist Chaplaincy: an overview
May 2
Jodo Shinshu Center (IBS),
2140 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 United States

Learn more about the path to becoming a Buddhist chaplain at this informational symposium. Details to follow soon.

2015 Commencement Ceremony (Graduation) 
May 15
Jodo Shinshu Center (IBS),
2140 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 United States
Details to follow soon.

  • June 2015

Mindfulness and Compassion: the Art and Science of Contemplative Practice
June 3 - June 7
San Francisco State University,
1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132 United States

For thousands of years the art of contemplative practice has been used to explore the nature of mind and its potential. Today the emerging science of contemplative practice promises to shed new light on these essential human questions. Facilitating conversation between these two worlds may provide a catalytic mutual benefit, exploring how contemplative practice and scientific research can best inform each other for a greater common good.

  • August 2015
Subjectivity in Pure Land Buddhism
August 7 - August 9
Jodo Shinshu Center (IBS),
2140 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 United States

IBS is pleased to host the 17th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies.

Studies of Pure Land Buddhism (which address the thought, practice, and iconography of Pure Land, throughout the historical development of Buddhism generally) are often rooted in modern discourses of religious studies that take certain foundational concepts for granted: individuality, subjectivity, historicity. But how have the referents of these modern concepts been understood in relation to Pure Land Buddhist doctrine and praxis? How has subjectivity, the answer to the question of who "I" am or who "we" are, been understood across Buddhist cultures and histories? How does the "who" exist? How is it known? How is it experienced? Please join us for a thorough investigation of these important questions.


IBS Faculty and Staff

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