miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Silk Road House continues the KAZAKH FAIRY TALE SERIES

February 8, 2015: Ann Riley and Dana Sherry
Family Stories from 1-2.30, free and open to the public.
Seminar discussion from 2.30-4. $20 drop in, $120 for the eight-week series, $100 for SAC members
The Silk Road House continues live storytelling sessions which will bring you and your children on an imaginary journey to the magical world of fairy tales and epic stories once wildly popular along the historical Silk Roads.
Do you think you have some bad dating stories? This week, Ann Riley will tell "Ermek" and Dana Sherry will tell "Aleuko-Batyr," two courtship tales which will make your romances look easy.
In February and March, we are offering a special eight-week storytelling series that presents newly translated Kazakh fairy tales, told for the first time in English. Each session will feature a storytelling performance for all ages, followed by a seminar discussion for adults connecting the stories to Kazakh folk culture led by Silk Road House director and Stanford anthropologist Alma Kunanbaeva. This is a unique opportunity to understand traditional tales in their cultural context, and we hope you can join us, whether once or for the whole program!

The event will take place at SRH on Sunday, February 8, at 1-4pm.