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  1. POSITION> H-Buddhism Editor
  2. RESOURCE> March 2017 Update report for Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-E Dictionary

POSITION> H-Buddhism Editor

by Matthew McMullen
Dear H-Buddhism members,

After nearly a decade of service, Richard Mahoney has decided to retire from his role as an editor for H-Buddhism in order to focus on professional pursuits and to devote his time more fully to charitable causes. We sincerely thank him for his dedication and service to the field of Buddhist Studies over the years.

With Richard's departure, H-Buddhism is currently seeking an additional member to our editorial staff. Since 2001, H-Buddhism has provided scholars in the field of Buddhist Studies with an online forum for exchanging ideas, discussing resources, and publishing up-to-date information on recent events in the field. Volunteering to be an editor at H-Buddhism is a valuable service to the academic community.

Editorial duties include editing and posting announcements, managing list subscriptions, and contributing to the development of the H-Buddhism homepage. Qualified applicants should have a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies or a related field. Advanced graduate students with ABD status will also be considered.

H-Buddhism members interested in joining our staff should contact us at In your message, please include a brief statement explaining your interest and qualifications along with a CV.


H-Buddhism editors
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RESOURCE> March 2017 Update report for Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-E Dictionary

by Charles Muller
Dear Colleagues:
Almost 200 new Buddhist terms have been added to the DDB this month. Please see

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