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Upcoming Events at the Jung Center
Wednesday, July 19 2017

The Paradox of Suffering

Our Unwelcome Companion

Suffering is inherent to being alive, and our approach to suffering is significant. C.G. Jung states, “The development of consciousness is the burden, the suffering, and the blessing of mankind.” How might we re-envision suffering as a blessing that can bring change, not ruin?

In Friday night’s lecture, we will use story, poetry, philosophy, and a Jungian lens to explore both sides of suffering, inviting us to embrace our brokenness in order to move forward in the service of the Self, rather than escaping our brokenness in ways that disappoint.

During Saturday’s workshop, we will explore how we can mediate our suffering in ways that allow the unconscious to express itself. A range of possible modalities will be presented including experiential exercises through which we will consider where our suffering blocks us, as well as different ways we might explore suffering in a way that fosters our own growth. Please bring paper and pen for this process.

Carol Tripp Smith
Lecture: Friday, Jul 21
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours
Workshop: Saturday, Jul 22
10am - 4pm
$100 ($90 Jung Center Members)
4.5 CE Hours

Discover the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

No matter your mood, the healing yogic breathing and movement exercises of Laughter Yoga will strengthen your immune system, oxygenate both the brain and body, reduce stress, and bring joy and forgiveness.

Lainie Diamond
Wednesday, Jul 19
6:30 - 7:30pm
$15 ($10 Jung Center Members)

Origami: Friday Folding

Ease into your weekend with the peaceful art of origami.

Joan Son
Friday, Jul 21
11am - 12:30pm
$25 ($20 Jung Center Members)

Mandalas and the Human Spirit

Join scholar and Tibetan Buddhist teacher Alejandro Chaoul and psychotherapist Sean Fitzpatrick in a creative exploration of mandalas, timeless sacred circles that can be tools for spiritual reflection and self-exploration.

Registration is through the Asia Society Texas Center.  Please follow the links below.

Alejandro Chaoul and Sean Fitzpatrick

Lecture: Saturday, Jul 22
2 - 3:30pm
$15 ($10 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours
Location: Asia Society Texas Center

Workshop: Friday, Jul 28
1 - 4pm
$45 ($35 Jung Center Members)
3 CE Hours
Location: The Jung Center

Tai Chi: Summer Session II

Meditate through movement using Tai Chi Chuan.

George Hu
Six Mondays, Jul 24 - Aug 28
5:45 - 7pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)

Jungians Speaking: Murray Stein

Get an insider’s view of the International School of Analytical Psychology, Zurich through an intimate interview with Jungian analyst Murray Stein.

Luis Moris, with Kate Burns and Rodney Waters
Friday, Jul 28
1 CE Hour

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Bookstore and Library

The Power

 of Meaning

Too many of us believe that
 the search for meaning is an 
esoteric pursuit - that you have
 to travel to a distant monastery
 or page through dusty volumes 
to discover life's secrets. The truth is,
 there are untapped sources of 
meaning all around us - right here, 
right now.

To explore how we can craft lives 

of meaning, Emily Esfahani Smith 
 synthesizes a kaleidoscopic array of 
sources - from psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and neuroscientists to 
figures in literature and history such as George Eliot, Viktor Frankl,
 Aristotle, and the Buddha.
 Drawing on this research, 
Smith shows us how cultivating 
 connections to others, identifying
 and working toward a purpose, 
 telling stories about our place in the world, and seeking out mystery can immeasurably deepen our lives.

Inspiring and story-driven, 

"The Power of Meaning" will
 strike a profound chord in anyone 
seeking a life that matters. Pick up
 your copy today and get acquainted
 with Emily's ideas.  
She'll be sharing them with us at our Fall Benefit!

The Power of Meaning this title
 is available online and in
 The Jung Center's bookstore itself. 
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(information below) to purchase 
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Art Gallery

July and August in our gallery...
The Jung Center is again pleased to present a juried show of the best of Houston’s exciting young artists from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA). This exhibit is alive and new, innovative and full of fun.
Join us for the opening reception of
the annual HSPVA show on
Saturday, July 22 
from 5 - 7pm

Image credit: “Duowls” by Tamsin Ward

Parking Changes 

in the 


Update: We are pleased to announce 
that the new MFAH parking lot is open
 and available for use, for a 
reasonable fee!  Members of the MFAH receive
 a special discounted rate, even if
 they don't attend the museum!  
More info can be found by clicking here.

We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes 

early for class, to ensure that you can access a parking option around
 the center.

Online Education

We are proud to announce
 the launch
 of online classes.  Now you can 
The Jung Center’s innovative
 educational offerings wherever you go!

You can access a few of ou

r online events below, 
or head over to our website to 
browse the full list.  Stay tuned for more!

The Secret Lives of Emotions: Shame
Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC
1.0 CE Hour
$23 ($18 Jung Center Members)

The Poet as Depth Psychologist
James Hollis, PhD, Jungian Analyst
6.0 CE Hours
$80 ($70 Jung Center Members)




Child Attachment Interview (CAI) 

The Menninger Clinic is pleased to

 offer the only Child Attachment 
 Interview Training outside of the 
Anna Freud Centre, London, 
  The Child Attachment Interview
allows professionals to assess the
 quality of children’s attachment
 relationships with parents or 
caregivers during middle 
and adolescence.  The four-day 
course trains professionals in how to administer and code the CAI.

August 9 - 12
Location - The Menninger Clinic
For Information - or call (713) 275-5060
Click Here To Register


Healing Circles 

The Jung Center

As the volume increases in our
 local and national conversation, comprehension and true dialogue
 seem in danger of vanishing entirely.  
Now more than ever we need to
 practice the necessary – and difficult – 
art of listening.  Layers of thought,
 emotion, memory and image 
are always present in our encounters 
with others.  We will explore how
 to attend to these layers and how
 to make possible more direct and 
meaningful connections.  
The intention is to enhance our
 capacity to listen deeply.  We will h
ave several topics and questions t
o choose from and will use a 
Healing Circle (Peer Spirit) process
 which will be explained at the beginning of each session.

Healing Circles are held from 6 - 7:30pm, on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, at The Jung Center.

Click here for more information, or email Becky Dodds if you are interested
 in attending.

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