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Table of Contents

  1. NEW BOOK> Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism
  2. CFP> International Conference: "From Xianghuan to Ceylon: The Life and Legacy of the Chinese Buddhist monk Faxian (337-422)"
  4. FELLOWSHIP> Tianzhu-SSHRC Fellowship in East Asian Buddhist Studies
  5. REVIEW> Schicketanz on Anderson, 'Christianity and Imperialism in Modern Japan: Empire for God'

NEW BOOK> Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism

by Michael Jerryson
Dear colleagues:
I am thrilled to announce the publication of The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Buddhism. The Handbook provides the most comprehensive account of Buddhists and their traditions in the contemporary period. This collection  contains 41 essays, divided into two sections.
Essays in the first section examine the historical development of Buddhist traditions throughout the world. The first section in these chapters provide readers with a background to Buddhism in the region and the remainder of the chapter is devoted to the changes that have taken place since the 1800s. These chapters cover familiar settings like India, Japan, and Tibet as well as the less well-known countries of Vietnam, Bhutan, and the regions of Latin America, Africa, and the Oceania. Focusing on changes within countries and transnationally, this section also includes chapters that focus on globalization, such as Buddhist international organizations and diasporic communities.
The second section tracks the relationship between Buddhist traditions and particular themes. These chapters review Buddhist interactions with contemporary topics such as violence and peacebuilding, economics, ecology, as well as Buddhist influences in areas such as medicine, architecture, technologies, and science.
For those interested, I am providing below the table of contents.

Introduction: The Buddhist System in Transition                                 1
Michael Jerryson
South Asian
  1. Contemporary Sri Lankan Buddhist Traditions                                                  13
Mahinda Deegalle
  1. Buddhism in Contemporary India                                                                       36
David Geary and Sraman Mukherjee
  1. Buddhism in Contemporary Bhutan                                                                    61
Samdrup Rigyal and Alyson Prude

East Asian
  1. Contemporary Chinese Buddhist Traditions                                                      79
Mario Poceski
  1. Contemporary Korean Buddhist Traditions                                                     100
Mark A. Nathan
  1. Contemporary Japanese Buddhist Traditions                                                 122
Elisabetta Porcu
Central Asian
  1. Contemporary Tibetan Buddhism                                                                    143
Abraham Zablocki
  1. Contemporary Mongolian Buddhism                                                                161
Vesna A. Wallace and Christine Murphy
Southeast Asian
  1. Contemporary Vietnamese Buddhism                                                              177
Alexander Soucy
  1. Contemporary Thai Buddhism                                                                          196
Rachelle M. Scott
  1. Contemporary Burmese Buddhism                                                                   212
Niklas Foxeus
  1. Contemporary Cambodian Buddhist Traditions:
Seen from the Past                                                                236
Ashley Thompson
  1. Contemporary Buddhism in Malaysia                                                                258
Jeffrey Samuels
  1. Contemporary Lao Buddhism: Ruptured Histories                                            274
Patrice Ladwig
  1. Buddhism in Latin America                                                                               299
Cristina Rocha
  1. US Buddhist Traditions                                                                                     316
Joseph Cheah
  1. European Buddhist Traditions                                                                          332
Laurence Cox
  1. Buddhism in Africa                                                                                            349
Michel Clasquin-Johnson
  1. Buddhism in Australia and Oceania                                                                  366
Michelle Barker
  1. Diasporic Buddhisms and Convert Communities                                               381
John Nelson
  1. Buddhist International Organizations                                                                 398
Brooke Schedneck


Material Culture

  1. Buddhist Relics and Pilgrimage                                                                         421
Jovan Maud
  1. Contemporary Buddhist Architecture: From Reliquary
to Theme Park                                                                           436
Lawrence Chua
  1. Contemporary Buddhism and Iconography                                                       453
Jessica Lee Patterson
  1. Buddhism and Media Technologies                                                                   469
Gregory Price Grieve and Daniel Veidlinger

Social Engagement
  1. Contemporary Buddhism and Ecology                                                              487
Susan M. Darlington
  1. Buddhism, Business, and Economics                                                                504
Trine Brox and Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg
  1. Contemporary Buddhism and Education                                                           518
Vladimir Tikhonov
  1. Buddhism, Nationalism, and Governance                                                          532
Matthew J. Walton
  1. Buddhism, Conflict, and Peace Building                                                            546
Michael Jerryson

  1. Contemporary Buddhist Chanting and Music                                                     565
Paul D. Greene
  1. Buddhist Healing and Taming in Tibet                                                                576
Barbara Gerke
  1. Contemporary Buddhism and Magic                                                                  591
Erick White
  1. Contemporary Tantric Buddhist Traditions                                                         606
David B. Gray
  1. Buddhism and Death                                                                                          619
Mark Rowe
  1. Buddhism and Gender                                                                                       635
Sharon A. Suh
  1. Buddhism, Race, and Ethnicity                                                                           650
Joseph Cheah
  1. Buddhism and Sexual Orientation                                                                       662
Hsiao-Lan Hu
  1. Buddhist Encounters with Diversity                                                                     678
Donald K. Swearer
  1. Buddhism and Science as Ethical Discourse                                                      687
Francisca Cho
  1. The Contemporary Study of Buddhism                                                               701
Nathan McGovern
Index                                                                                              714
Michael Jerryson
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555
330-941-3275; mjerryson@gmail.com

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CFP> International Conference: "From Xianghuan to Ceylon: The Life and Legacy of the Chinese Buddhist monk Faxian (337-422)"

by Gregory Adam Scott
The Chinese Buddhist monk Faxian 法顯 (337-422) is renowned for his heroic pilgrimage to Central and South Asia, which brought him to a number of places of key importance for Buddhism, including Khotan, Udyāna, Gandhāra, Peshawar, Taxila, Tamralipti, and Ceylon. Faxian returned to China (Shandong) in 414, fifteen years after he had left in 399; he was already 62 when he left for the west. Although Faxian is now primarily remembered as a Buddhist pilgrim and translator (the Mahāsāṃghika Vinaya 摩訶僧祇律 and Mahāparinirvāṇa-sūtra 涅槃經 are two influential texts he translated), his extensive network extended far beyond Buddhist communities. Faxian’s impact upon East Asia requires attention from both Buddhist and non-Buddhist perspectives, within China and beyond.
This conference, exclusively devoted to the different aspects of the eventful life and far-reaching legacy of this complex monk and man, will be the first in a series of conferences on Buddhist cross-border and transcultural roles to be co-sponsored by the newly established Mount Wutai International Institute for Buddhism and East Asian Cultures 五臺山佛教與東方文化國際研究院 and UBC Buddhist Studies Forum, as a part of a multi-year, international and interdisciplinary partnership project on Buddhism and East Religions, recently funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) (www.frogbear.org).
The conference organizers plan to hold the conference in Shanxi 山西, China (primarily Faxian’s hometown Xiangyuan 襄垣,  in Changzhi 長治), between March 25-27, 2017. For scholars whose schedule allows them to do so, we will also arrange, either before or after the conference, tours to several famous sites in Shanxi (especially Jinci 晉祠).
About thirty scholars, both from China and abroad, have already committed to join this conference. The conference organizers would now like to enlist five to eight additional scholars (especially young scholars from outside China) to join them in Shanxi. The organizing committee welcomes paper proposals on any aspect of Faxian's complicated life, legacy and impact. In addition to covering all conference-related costs during the conference period, including meals and accommodation, a travel subsidy may also be provided to each of the selected panelists on the basis of need. Interested individuals should email their proposals, along with copies of their updated CV, to Jinhua Chen (jinhuachen2013@gmail.com) by November 30, 2016.
Posted on behalf of:
Dr. Susie Andrews, Ph.D.
Executive Editor, Studies in Chinese Religions
Assistant Professor, East Asian Religions
Mount Allison University
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by Alexander Vesey
2017 Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)
Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
Date: Saturday and Sunday, July 8-9 2017
Submission Deadline: October 27, 2016

The ASCJ Executive Committee is still accepting panel and individual paper proposals for its 2017 Tokyo Conference at Rikkyo University. For more information on the submission process, please use the links below. The 2016 Conference at ICU was a great success, and we encourage researchers with an interest in Asian studies to join us in Tokyo and share their expertise with fellow scholars.

Directions for proposal submissions:

Please submit questions to ascj20XX@gmail.com

The main ASCJ site has additional information on early bird registration and past conferences: www.meijigakuin.ac.jp/~ascj/
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FELLOWSHIP> Tianzhu-SSHRC Fellowship in East Asian Buddhist Studies

by Gregory Adam Scott
Tianzhu-SSHRC Fellowship in East Asian Buddhist Studies
Deadline: November 30, 2016

The Tianzhu Foundation, with support from SSHRC, will offer two fellowships through the Department of Asian Studies to begin in the 2017/18 academic year. Recipients of these fellowships will have the opportunity to participate in a multi-year international and interdisciplinary project, newly sponsored by SSHRC and led by Jinhua Chen (titled: From the Ground Up: East Asian Religions through Multi-Media Sources and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 2016-2023). The fellowship will offer opportunities to participate in research visits to East Asia, and to interact with international scholars and students to develop skills in working with local partners and international peers.  Recipients will also receive training on how to identify, document, photograph and transcribe primary source materials. Students will learn to work in diverse multicultural, international, and interdisciplinary environments. One fellowship will be awarded to a student pursuing an MA degree, with a $15,000 stipend in Year 1 and a $15,000 Research Assistantship in Year 2. A second fellowship is available to a student pursuing a PhD,  with a $25,000 annual stipend in Years 1 and 2 and a $25,000 Research Assistantship in Years 3 and 4. Furthermore, each recipient will have access to $2,000 - $5,000 per year in additional funds for research expenses.

Fellowship period:
MA: September 2017 – August 2019
PhD: September 2017 – August 2021

This award is open to those who apply for and are accepted into the University of British Columbia’s graduate program in Asian Studies, either at the Masters or Doctoral level, with a research project focusing on East Asian Buddhism. Applicants must also be accepted to the program through the regular admission process, and meet all eligibility requirements listed at: http://asia.ubc.ca/graduate/how-to-apply/ (note the application deadline of November 30).

Evaluation Criteria:
Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria: relevance of research proposal, transcripts, CV, strength of reference letter, and capacity for conducting field visits in the Chinese, Japanese or Korean language.

Application Procedure:
Please send the following electronically to vicky.baker@ubc.ca by November 30, 2016:
  • Application form
  • CV
  • Copy of your transcripts
  • Three (3) reference letters
These must be sent directly to vicky.baker@ubc.ca by the person providing the reference. All applications will be forwarded to an adjudication committee led by Professor Jinhua Chen.

Adjudication Procedure:
Once the adjudication committee has reviewed all applications, qualified applications will be forwarded to the Graduate Committee for further consideration. Results will be announced with the admissions offer in March 2017.

For more information, see http://www.frogbear.org, or the job posting on H-Net at https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=53878.
Posted on behalf of:
Dr. Susie Andrews, Ph.D.
Executive Editor, Studies in Chinese Religions
Assistant Professor, East Asian Religions
Mount Allison University
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REVIEW> Schicketanz on Anderson, 'Christianity and Imperialism in Modern Japan: Empire for God'

by Charles Muller
See https://networks.h-net.org/node/25682/reviews/149083/schicketanz-anderson-christianity-and...

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