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Highlighting JAPAN

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No. 103 (November 2016)

[Contents of Highlighting JAPAN November 2016]


- Japan-Philippines Summit Meeting

- Japan-Jordan Summit Meeting


[ The World of Japanese Cuisine ]

- An Introduction to Japanese Cuisine

We asked Yoshiki Tsuji, president of Tsujicho Group, which has trained chefs in a wide variety of cuisines, about the special features of Japanese culinary culture and the internationalization of Japanese cuisine.

- Starting with Stock

Whether it be miso soup in the morning, a bowl of ramen at lunch or a multi-course kaiseki ryori dinner at night, good Japanese food is typically defined by its stock, its lovingly prepared dashi.

- Edo Banqueting Reborn

Tezen Museum in Shimane Prefecture showcases the haute cuisine of Edo times.

- Meet You at Andy’s!

Shin Hinomoto in Yurakucho is widely recognized as one of Tokyo’s finest izakaya.

- Open Orchards

The apple farmers of Aomori Prefecture are extending their branches to markets in Asia.

- Everyone's Cup of Tea

Tea lovers from around the world are buying in to Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms.

- Have a Break

Introducing two of the most sought-after snacks of Japan.

- A Cut Above

Japanese kitchen knives are the blades of choice for many chefs around the world.



- Fresh Fish for Faraway Places

Physiology professor Kenji Kugino has developed a novel method for transporting live fish over long distances.


- Fancy a Ramen? / Brian MacDuckston


- Wine Redefined / Japanese manga series The Drops of God

Bestselling Japanese manga series The Drops of God has captured the imagination of wine lovers around the world.


- The Ultimate Chopsticks

Wakasa in Fukui Prefecture is the home of Wakasa-nuri-bashi chopsticks production. Only a few craftsmen in the district however still make the chopsticks entirely by hand.


- The Pursuit of Porcelain

Over the last 400 years, potters in northwestern Kyushu have produced some of the world’s finest porcelain.

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