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November 22, 2016

President Barack Obama has called the Iran nuclear deal, in which Iran agreed to give up its nuclear development program in exchange for sanctions relief, one of his administration’s greatest foreign policy achievements. But President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the agreement and threatened to pull out of it. In an interview with Asia Society Switzerland, Ali Vaez, senior Iran analyst at the Crisis Group in Washington, D.C., discusses the deal’s future and why some people in Iran “prefer a U.S. president who lacks nuance.”
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Throughout Trump’s campaign for president, India was spared much of the sharp rhetoric that its Asian neighbors received, but Indian leaders are also anxiously waiting to see how they’ll be affected by a president-elect who has been short on concrete policy proposals toward the country. For Asia Blog, the Asia Society Policy Institute’s Anubhav Gupta looks at how U.S.-India relations might fit into Trump’s plans, and what effect that could have on the wider region.
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A spokesperson for a super PAC backing Trump recently cited the World War II internment of Japanese Americans as a “precedent” for a potential registry of immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. Speaking at Asia Society Southern California in Los Angeles last spring, actor and social activist George Takei recalled his “invasive, degrading, and humiliating” time in a Japanese internment camp, and explained how one politician who was “a good man” got caught up in racist “hysteria” to become instrumental in establishing the camps.
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