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December 13, 2016

Following revelations of a bizarre influence-peddling and corruption scandal, the Korean National Assembly voted to impeach President
Park Geun-hye last week. The political 
uncertainty this leaves comes at a 
pivotal moment, as tensions with 
North Korea simmer and the incoming
 administration of
 American President-elect Donald Trump
leaves the country unsure of its future 
 relationship with the U.S.
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In the span of less than three decades, the percentage of 
Taiwan’s population identifying solely as Chinese went from 
52 percent to just 3 percent. Now, over 90 percent consider
 themselves either solely Taiwanese or both Chinese and Taiwanese. 
In an interview with Asia Blog, Syaru Shirley Lin explains 
how this identity shift has altered economic policy and 
wrecked mainland China’s strategy to achieve reunification 
with the island.
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Last week, results from the latest Programme for 
International Student Assessment were released. 
“The good news is inequality is diminishing,” said OECD Director for Education and Skills Andreas Schleicher
“The bad news is the remaining inequality makes much
 more of a difference for people.” Speaking at Asia Society
 in New York, Schleicher explained how rapid globalization
 is making it more important than ever to make
 sure 21st century skills are taught to students of all 
socioeconomic backgrounds.
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