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Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters:

“Would you like to help us raise funds to hire a dedicated Tibetan language and calligraphy teacher at Pema Ts’al School, Mundgod, India?” 
I would like to let you know about a joint venture between Vikramasila Foundation and Supporting Cultures in Peril
Supporting Cultures in Peril (SCIP) which cares deeply about cultural heritage preservation, would like to help our Pema Ts’al School in Mundgod, India by raising funds to hire a full-time, dedicated Tibetan language and calligraphy teacher.

As many of you know, Pema Ts’al School resides in an exiled Tibetan community in Karnataka State. SCIP would like to help preserve their Tibetan culture and we are hoping you will join us by supporting this effort.  

“Preserving language = preserving culture” 
By following the link below, you can learn more about this project and SCIP’s work in Mundgod as well as how you can help.

To learn more about SCIP you can visit our Facebook page:

We greatly appreciate your support and sharing of this campaign.

With best regards,

Cynthia Luk, President
Laurie Glover, Vice President
Teresa O’Toole, Secretary
Marilyn Lefebve, Treasurer
Leslie Reed-Evans
Triba Gary-Davis
Supporting Cultures in Peril is a 501c3 nonprofit. Our tax ID number is: 46-1549976


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