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Upcoming Events at the Jung Center
Thursday, June 8 2017

Member Appreciation Lecture

Sex: The Flesh and Blood of It

We tend to talk about sex symbolically and spiritually in the Jungian community. These aspects are, of course, invaluable components and worthy of discussion. But what do we lose when we skirt around the nitty-gritty, the flesh and blood of sex?

Jung repeatedly emphasized the role that sexuality plays in the individuation process, claiming that a disturbed sexuality was at the core of many complexes that hindered a person’s ability to individuate or develop. He also recognized the difficulty of addressing sexual phenomena because it often brings with it forbidding moral dictates and challenging shadow material. However, avoiding issues of sexuality means potentially missing the opportunity to invite and deepen the vital energy it can bring.

In Friday night’s lecture, we will openly discuss the instinctual aspects of sex to examine individual and collective attitudes toward it, invite a deeper reflection of personal biases and experiences with sex, and increase understanding of the potential role sexual phenomena may play in individuation.

During Saturday’s workshop, we will use the myth of Eros and Psyche to continue the focus on the expression and experience of sex: its instinctual, animal nature; its desire for life as well as its relation to death; its aggressive play of dominance and submission; its confrontation with collective ideals or values; and its insistence on a journey to the underworld and its conception and birth of pleasure. Examples, film clips, participant experiences, and group activities will help flesh out the vital significance sex has in our lives.

Jacqueline Wright
Lecture: Friday, Jun 16
7 - 8:30pm
1.5 CE Hours
Workshop: Saturday, Jun 17
10am - 4pm
$100 ($90 Jung Center Members)
4.5 CE Hours

Look Deeper: A Reading Group

Join us for this free lunchtime reading group, facilitated by Jung Center director Sean Fitzpatrick.

Sean Fitzpatrick
Friday, Jun 9
12 - 1pm
1 CE Hours ($10 processing fee for CE and CPE certificates)

Make Your Mark With Messy Art

Let go of the constraints of neatness and perfection and connect to your inner “messy artist.”

Wanda Harding
Saturday, Jun 10
9am - 12pm
$85 ($75 Jung Center Members)

Women and Personal Power: How Do You Claim Yours?

Reclaim your own authority and explore the history of women’s struggle for a legitimate voice in the decision-making processes that directly and indirectly affect them.

Sandra Moore
Saturday, Jun 10
10am - 4:30pm
$120 ($110 Jung Center Members)
5.5 CE Hours

Tending the Spirit: Centering Prayer in the Christian Tradition

Experience a form of meditation from the Christian tradition that focuses on intention and bringing the fruits of the meditation practice into daily life.

Sr. Mary Adeline O'Donoghue
Two Tuesdays, Jun 13 and 27
5:45 - 7:15pm
$65 ($55 Jung Center Members)

The Soul of the World and the "Trump Phenomenon"

Is the culture in crisis? Is what is happening in culture any different than before? This lecture will present contemporary cultural phenomena as interactions of a larger cultural unconscious.

Ronald Schenk
Thursday, Jun 15
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours

Origami: Friday Folding

Ease into your weekend with the peaceful art of origami.

Joan Son
Friday, Jun 16
11am - 12:30pm
$25 ($20 Jung Center Members)

Breathing for Presence: Embodying the Essence of Life

Explore a variety of breathing practices that help us connect with our untapped sensory-kinesthetic, perceptual, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual resources.

Nevine Sultan
Saturday, Jun 17
10am - 1pm
$65 ($55 Jung Center Members)
3 CE Hours

Creativity Camp: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Explore various tools for overcoming blocks that obstruct self-expression.

Mary Jane Taegel
Six Tuesdays, Jun 20 - Aug 1
(no class Jul 4)
1 - 2:30pm
$200 ($185 Jung Center Members)

Discover the Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

No matter your mood, the healing yogic breathing and movement exercises of Laughter Yoga will strengthen your immune system, oxygenate both the brain and body, reduce stress, and bring joy and forgiveness.

Lainie Diamond
Wednesday, Jun 21
6:30 - 7:30pm
$15 ($10 Jung Center Members)
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Bookstore and Library

Toni Wolff and C.G. Jung:
A Collaboration

by Nan Savage Healy

This is the first comprehensive account of the personal and professional collaboration between Toni Wolff and C. G. Jung. As the founder of analytical psychology, Jung has been examined extensively, but little is known about Toni Wolff, the woman he called his "other wife." Brilliant, self-taught, and incisively intuitive, Wolff intellectually complemented Jung and brought the feminine perspective to his ideas. Indeed, Toni Wolff's influence on Jung is far greater than previously recognized, as they quickly discovered that they could accomplish more together than either of them could alone. Their profound, yet poignant relationship during the early twentieth century gave rise to a groundbreaking vision of the human psyche.

While Toni Wolff and C.G. Jung: A Collaboration is not available for purchase online, it is available in The Jung Center's bookstore itself. Contact Elissa Davis (information below) to purchase or reserve your copy today!

For more information, please visit our website or contact Elissa Davis, Director of Retail Sales and Customer Service, at 713.524.8253 ext. 18 or bookstore@junghouston.org.


Free CPEs for Texas Educators!

Teachers!  Join us for this FREE event to learn more about The Jung Center — a unique place with outside-the-box professional development options.

Cookies, Tea, and Free CPEs!
A Special Event for Texas Educators

Herb Agan
Sunday, Jun 11
2 - 4pm
1.5 CPE Hours

Art Gallery

June and July in our gallery...
Once a year, The Jung Center showcases the artwork of its students, members, instructors, volunteers, and staff. The artists work in a variety of media to explore their own inner journeys and find meaning in everyday life. 

Opening Night: The Opening Gallery Party for Visions will be Saturday, June 10, between the hours of 5 - 8 p.m.
Image credit: Sky Hawk Sanctuary, Roy Spann

Parking Changes in the Neighborhood

Update: We are pleased to announce that the new MFAH parking lot is open and available for use, for a reasonable fee!  More info can be found by clicking here.

We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for class, to ensure that you can access a parking option around the center.

Online Education

We are proud to announce the launch of online classes.  Now you can access The Jung Center’s innovative educational offerings wherever you go!

You can access a few of our online events below, or head over to our website to browse the full list.  Stay tuned for more!


The Secret Lives of Emotions: Shame
Anna Guerra, JD, MA, LPC
1.0 CE Hour
$23 ($18 Jung Center Members)

The Poet as Depth Psychologist
James Hollis, PhD, Jungian Analyst
6.0 CE Hours
$80 ($70 Jung Center Members)


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