martes, 6 de junio de 2017

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June 6, 2017


Why Trump Should Woo India

Later this month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the United States. In Asia Blog, Asia Society’s Anubhav Gupta says that President Trump should seize the occasion to forge stronger ties with India, a country poised to become a major engine of world growth and a critical partner in both the fight against terrorism and in navigating the complex geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific region.


Are China and the U.S. Destined for War?

Harvard University historian Graham Allison says that the fundamentally different interests of China and the United States may make conflict difficult to avoid, even if both sides are determined to do so. Like domino sequences of events that have led to war in the past, certain hot spots like North Korea or the South China Sea could yield unstoppable cataclysms, he says. “Under conditions of stress, events that are otherwise manageable or inconsequential can have [great] consequences.”


Can Free Speech on American Campuses Withstand Chinese Nationalism?

A Chinese student at the University of Maryland was recently deemed a traitor by some compatriots after delivering a commencement speech praising the “fresh air” and “free speech” she enjoyed in the U.S. that she couldn’t have in China. In a ChinaFile conversation, 10 analysts weigh in on what the incident portends for Chinese students and the future of academic freedom in the U.S.



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