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September 20, 2016

Giving Americans a more nuanced understanding of Asia has been a key pillar of Asia Society’s mission since its founding 60 years ago, but a 2001 survey showing how little Americans really knew gave this goal a sense of urgency. Since then, Asia Society has worked to instill students around the world with the “global competence” needed to thrive in an interconnected world. This is the goal behind Asia Society's new Center for Global Education, which launches this week
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Last year, Asia Society, the Antiquities Coalition, and the Middle East Institute convened a special forum to develop a framework of recommendations to combat the looting of antiquities by terrorist groups. At a reconvening in New York last week, panelists noted that while much progress has been made, challenges remain. "Whether it's a small industry and it's ten thousand dollars or whether it’s a massive industry and  billions of dollars — it’s a global crime,” Deborah Lehr, founder of the Antiquities Coalition, said.
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The next U.S. president — whomever it is — will inherit a souring U.S.-China relationship. At Asia Society in New York last week, Asia Society’s Orville Schell suggested that Hillary Clinton could send her husband Bill to China to “smoke this thing out for a couple of months.” Former U.S. Ambassador to China Winston Lord didn’t know what to make of a Donald Trump presidency. “Nobody knows what China policy would look like under Trump — above all not Trump himself,” he said.
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