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President Donald Trump will soon face a complex set of foreign policy problems regarding Asia, including trade, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and the U.S. relationship with China. Asia Society in New York recently assembled an high-level panel of experts from across the military, academia, media, and private sector to provide advice to the president on these issues.
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Last week, President Trump acted on campaign promises to restrict Muslim movement to the United States when he signed an executive order barring entrance of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Amid sizable public support for Trump’s position, and as anti-Muslim hate crimes have returned to their highest levels since 2001, survivors and historians of Japanese internment are saying that lessons from that episode of American history seem to have been forgotten.
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The challenges traditional media outlets are facing in staying credible, relevant, and profitable amid an explosion of digital media and other online sources is well documented. Less appreciated is how think tanks are facing similar challenges. These trends are also pushing journalists and think tanks to borrow tactics from each other. “We're frenemies,” said Brian Finlay of the Stimson Center. “In some ways we compete with one another, but we also have a symbiotic relationship and rely on one another.”
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