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February 7, 2016

After Donald Trump’s election, Asia Society put out a call for Asian Americans to visit our New York offices in order to share — on camera — their hopes and advice for the new president. The participants brought a number of different perspectives. But one sentiment was shared by many: A strong desire for the president to govern on behalf of all Americans, particularly immigrants and religious minorities.
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In 1978, China began dramatic reforms that transformed the country’s impoverished, rural economy into the world's second-largest within three decades. In his new book Unlikely Partners, Julian Gewirtz explores how the Chinese miracle received assistance from an unheralded group of economists from the United States and Europe. In an interview with Asia Blog, Gewirtz discusses Sino-Western relations, economics, and what President Trump could learn from the Chinese.
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Since assuming office, President Trump has signaled an intention to substantially curtail both legal and illegal immigration to the United States. While much focus has rested on Muslims and Mexicans, Asians in America also have a lot at stake. They are now the fastest growing immigrant group, with an estimated 1.5 million undocumented Asian immigrants living in the United States and another 1.7 million on waiting lists to immigrate legally.
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