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Upcoming Events at the Jung Center
Wednesday, February 1 2017

The Yogas of Sleep and Clear Light

A powerful tool for awakening, sleep yoga is more than a practice of the night. It helps us to integrate all moments — waking, sleeping, meditating, and even dying — with the clear light of awareness. During this weekend, Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche will teach and guide us in the clear-light sleep practices of the Mother Tantra, one of the most important cycles of teachings in the Tibetan Bön Buddhist tradition. The primary goal of sleep practice is to open the door to the true nature of the mind. Newcomers are welcome.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Lecture: Friday, Feb 10
7 - 9pm

Workshop: Saturday and Sunday, Feb 11 - 12
10am - 5pm
$180 ($150 Jung Center Members)
Includes Friday Night Lecture

The Art of Waking Up

Explore spirituality and the findings of contemporary science through journaling, mindfulness, and meditation to create unique, 40-day plans for change.

Angela Caughlin
Four Wednesdays, Feb 1 - 22
5:45 - 7:15pm
$145 ($135 Jung Center Members)
6 CE Hours

Writing for Self-Discovery: A Course for Women

Go deep within and find the stories that define our places in this world.

Joyce Boatright
Five Thursdays, Feb 2 - Mar 2
5:45 - 7:15pm
$165 ($155 Jung Center Members)

The Art of Seeing: A Photography Course

Deepen your visual awareness and self-expression through photography and redefine what it means to “see” through your lens.

Marti Corn
Four Thursdays, Feb 2 - 23
7 - 9pm
$180 ($160 Jung Center Members)

Look Deeper: A Reading Group

Join us for this free lunchtime reading group, facilitated by Jung Center Executive Director, Sean Fitzpatrick.

Sean Fitzpatrick
Friday, Feb 3
12 - 1pm
1 CE Hour ($10 processing fee)

A Guide to Getting Along: Psychological Type for Parents and Their Teens

How can psychological type help parents and their teens enhance their understanding and appreciation of one another? Come find out in this engaging morning workshop!

Lee Coffee
Saturday, Feb 4
10am - 12pm
$45 ($40 Jung Center Members)

Sacred Sound Series: Healing Music of Southern India

Gain an appreciation for the therapeutic value of Indian Carnatic music.

Prema Bhat
Saturday, Feb 4
1 - 4pm
$65 ($55 Jung Center Members)

Creating Felted Flowers

Join The Jung Center's February artist for this fun workshop!  Starting with richly colored wool, we will felt the fibers into a gorgeous flower, using a time-honored process that involves warm soapy water and rubbing.

Barbara Attwell
Saturday, Feb 4
2 - 3:30pm
$45 ($40 Jung Center Members)

On This Journey We Call Our Life

Join Dr. Hollis in learning to live life's questions rather than looking for answers.

James Hollis
Four Wednesdays, Feb 7 - 28
5:45 - 7:15pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)
6 CE Hours

Note: Dr. Hollis will teach this class live from Washington D.C. This class will only be available for viewing at The Jung Center. The technology will allow for discussion between Dr. Hollis and the students.

The Past Is Present

Explore the profound and often invisible influence of the past — personal, ancestral, and archetypal — on our lives and relationships.

Sean Fitzpatrick and John Schuster
Four Tuesdays, Feb 7 - 28
7:30 - 9pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)
4.5 CE Hours

Rebel Yell: Why Sometimes We Need to Fight Authority

Explore the ways we have adapted to fulfill societal demands and learn when and how to transgress.

John Price
Four Wednesdays, Feb 8 - Mar 1
5:45 - 7:15pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)
6 CE Hours

What is the Meaning of Love?

Explore more deeply the meaning of love in our own lives in these two lectures.

Michael Winters

Lecture I: Wednesday, Feb 8
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours

Lecture II: Wednesday, Feb 15
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours

Channeling and Creativity

Can comparisons between channeling and creativity give greater insight into both types of phenomena? Is there potential therapeutic value in wider adoption of techniques from both channelers and artists?

Erin Prophet
Thursday, Feb 9
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)

Depth Coaching: Enriching the Profession of Coaching with Depth Psychology

In this workshop, we will shed light on how Jung's ideas have and will continue to deepen coaching practices and methods for the good of clients and the coaches who serve them.

John Schuster
Saturday, Feb 11
9 - 10:45am
$45 ($35 Jung Center Members)

Tai Chi Chuan for Health

Meditate through movement using Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese exercise practiced in slow, relaxed, continuous motion.

George Hu
Five Mondays, Feb 13 - Mar 20
5:45 - 7pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)

Witches, Nymphs, and Goddesses: A Creative Exploration of the Feminine in Greek Mythology

Immerse yourself in the realm of Greek mythology and experience ancient stories of the feminine that continue to shape our modern ideas of women.

Paige Moore
Four Mondays, Feb 13 - Mar 6
6 - 8pm
$200 ($180 Jung Center Members)

In this issue:

Bookstore and


The Unseen Partner

by Diane Croft

Follow one woman's journey through the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious, guided by an unseen partner felt as both within and beyond. For three years, Croft was pulled into the sacred temple at the center of the psyche and captured the poetic voice she heard there. It took two decades of struggle to make sense of the experience and to bring it to consciousness in this book. This book explores the dynamic relationship between the ego-driven personality and the much older primordial unconscious and the wisdom it holds. Drawing heavily on the discoveries of C.G. Jung, as recounted in his RED BOOK, it reinforces Jung's notion that the psyche is, by nature, sacred and eternal. Intended for readers interested in depth psychology, the evolution of consciousness, perspectives on the archetypal feminine, and emerging God images in the 21st century.

The Unseen Partner is available online or in the bookstore itself.  Please contact Elissa Davis (information below) with any questions!

For more information, please visit our website or contact Elissa Davis, Director of Retail Sales and Customer Service, at 713.524.8253 ext. 18 or bookstore@junghouston.org.

Art Gallery

Come in any time we're open and browse through our art gallery!  It's free to the public, and the art changes every month!

Next month...

Eighteen pen and ink drawings by Houston artist and poet Childs Pescatore are the concretizations of dream images that inhabit our collective unconscious and the artist’s personal unconscious. Each composition/dream is accompanied by its own dream poem written by the artist.

The Haunted Mind is a body of work that addresses themes of duality, anxiety, and mortality. Multiple figures inhabit the frame to depict internal conflicts and the duality that exists within the self. Inspiration for the series comes from literature, film noir, nightmares, and an obsession with death.

Join us from 6 - 8pm on February 11
for the opening of both exhibits!

Rent The Jung Center

Host your next event at The Jung Center!

Whether you’re planning a personal or a professional event, this prestigious venue will provide the space and amenities you need.
Our meeting rooms, including the art gallery, are sure to provide the relaxed background and space flexibility to make your event a success.
If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Maria Graff by email or by calling (713) 524 – 8253, extension 30.

Parking Changes in the Neighborhood

Update: We are pleased to announce that the MFAH expects the construction of the complex housing the new parking garage to be completed in May of this year.  Once open, the garage will offer an extremely convenient parking solution at a very reasonable price.  Please bear with us for just a few more months!

In the meantime, parking in the MFAH lot adjacent to The Jung Center is still unavailable for use until 7pm.  Additionally, due to the commencement of road work on Montrose Boulevard, street parking directly in front of the building is temporarily unavailable.  We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for class, to ensure that you can access parking along the streets in the neighborhood.

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