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Asia Society
February 21, 2016

With a slowing economy and a deteriorating atmosphere for foreign businesses in China, India — with its large youth population, pickup in economic growth, infrastructure development, and rapid urbanization — is looking more appealing to foreign investors. Speaking at Asia Society in New York, business experts discussed the trends that are making foreign investment in India more attractive, and the sectors that look particularly promising.
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After Taiwan began to democratize in the late 1980s, identity on the island was largely tied to ethnicity. But over the past three decades, that’s rapidly changed. “Increasingly, people think of ‘Taiwanese’ as embodying a way of life — you embrace civic values, democracy, rule of law, and freedom,” said author Syaru Shirley Lin at Asia Society in Hong Kong, adding that this is creating a “trilemma” for Taiwan, mainland China, and even the United States.
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Last week, Asia Society in New York welcomed a group of young, cutting-edge musicians committed to sustaining and expanding Japanese musical traditions. The group, collectively known as The Hougaku Quartet, performed contemporary Japanese music on traditional instruments in the classic "Sankyoku" ensemble style.
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