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Upcoming Events at the Jung Center
Wednesday, March 1 2017

Tracking the Flow of Archetypes in Your Life

Stories can guide, heal, or mislead; formulate meaning that helps people survive or even thrive; and give shape to our lives. The most potent stories communicate the movement and deep structures of our souls, and depth psychology helps us to uncover and understand the particular power of these archetypal characters, images, and narrative patterns. In this lecture, we will explore how the shifting patterns seen in narratives about Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, and Dionysus mirror the kinds of energetic flows that can occur in us as we grow to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing and disorienting times.

Discover how archetypes appear throughout our developmental process, encountering the specific circumstances of our biology and history. Each stage of our lives, from childhood to maturity, will be seen as offering its own movie set. At these stages, certain archetypal characters emerge within each of us and respond to the challenge of playing parts that help us respond effectively to the plotline being lived around and through us. We will present and explore images of archetypal characters and descriptions of their stories, using a range of individual and group experiences. We will explore the abilities each of us has developed, or are in the process of developing, through living archetypal stories. And we will identify any area in our lives where a new narrative might be required to meet the challenges we are currently facing.

Carol Pearson

Lecture: Friday, Mar 10
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)
1.5 CE Hours

Workshop: Saturday, Mar 11
10am - 4pm
$100 ($90 Jung Center Members)
4.5 CE Hours


Meditation: Different Perspectives and Practices

Experience different approaches to meditation to help you develop your own daily practice.

Stan Merrill
Four Wednesdays, Mar 1 - 22
5:45 - 7:15pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)
Drop-ins: $35 per class

Discovering the Patterns that Guide Our Lives

Using mythology, art, and activities for reflection, this course will explore how the archetypes form an ever-flowing system and how consciousness of this system can help us recognize our own patterns and deepen our life journeys.

Beth Macy
Six Thursdays, Mar 2 - Apr 6
5:45 - 7:15pm
$200 ($180 Jung Center Members)

Sacred Sound: Tibetan Sound Meditation

Receive an introduction to a contemplative practice with Tibetan sounds.

Alejandro Chaoul
Thursday, Mar 2
7 - 8:30pm
$20 ($15 Jung Center Members)

An Introduction to SoulCollage: A Bridge to the Divine

SoulCollage® is the process of combining collage, journaling, and deep questioning to learn more about one’s life and place in the world.

Deborah Lindeen
Saturday, Mar 4
10am - 1pm
$70 ($60 Jung Center Members)
3 CE Hours

The Soul's Journey

Encounter the soul’s journey to self-revelation as described in Gnostic myth during this multi-media presentation.

Ronald Schenk
Saturday, Mar 4
10am - 12pm
$45 ($40 Jung Center Members)
2 CE Hours

A (Fun!) Boot Camp to Ignite Your Life

Learn to live life out loud — fully and with joy — in this workshop designed to give you concrete ways to ignite your life and focus on what you love.

Sarah Gish
Saturday, Mar 4
1:30 - 4:30pm
$80 ($70 Jung Center Members) OR
$70 ($60 Members) if also registered for SoulCollage (see above)

The Healing Power of Masculine Eros

Discover how creative experience can reawaken our connection to eros and live more authentic and vibrant lives.

Robert Snellgrove
Four Tuesdays, Mar 7 - 28
5:45 - 7:15pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)
6 CE Hours

The Garden Next Door: Writing a Book About Some Very Strange Things

Explore the paranormal happenings that arose from a near-death experience.

Jeffrey Kripal and Elizabeth Krohn
Four Wednesdays, Mar 8 - 29
5:45 - 7:15pm
$135 ($125 Jung Center Members)

The University of Houston Visiting Writer Series:

Alicia Ostriker

Join us for the latest evening in this collaboration with The University of Houston’s Creative Writing Program featuring Alicia Ostriker.

Alicia Ostriker
Thursday, Mar 9
7:30 - 9pm
In this issue:

Bookstore and Library

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

J. Pittman McGehee offers us brilliant gems of poetry full of light and sound, of carefully crafted images drawn from our seeming ordinary world. These words startle with their beauty and insights that show how to transform the familiar, the mundane, into the truly extraordinary!

Extraordinary in the Ordinary is available for purchase online or in the bookstore itself.  Please contact Elissa Davis (information below) with any questions, or to reserve your copy today!

For more information, please visit our website or contact Elissa Davis, Director of Retail Sales and Customer Service, at 713.524.8253 ext. 18 or bookstore@junghouston.org.

Art Gallery

Come in any time we're open and browse through our art gallery!  It's free to the public, and the art changes every month!

This month...

The journey of unraveling her inner self is what has shaped Mexican artist Ana Kane’s work throughout the years. She explores Mexican, female identity through paintings and drawings using egg tempera and oil on canvas, and ink and watercolors on paper.
Join us for the opening of Ana's exhibit, "Floating Woman", on
Saturday, March 4, from 6 - 8pm

Rent The Jung Center

Host your next event at The Jung Center!

Whether you’re planning a personal or a professional event, this prestigious venue will provide the space and amenities you need.
Our meeting rooms, including the art gallery, are sure to provide the relaxed background and space flexibility to make your event a success.
If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Maria Graff by email or by calling (713) 524 – 8253, extension 30.

Parking Changes in the Neighborhood

Update: We are pleased to announce that the MFAH expects the construction of the complex housing the new parking garage to be completed in May of this year.  Once open, the garage will offer an extremely convenient parking solution at a very reasonable price.  Please bear with us for just a few more months!

In the meantime, parking in the MFAH lot adjacent to The Jung Center is still unavailable for use until 7pm.  Additionally, due to the commencement of road work on Montrose Boulevard, street parking directly in front of the building is temporarily unavailable.  We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for class, to ensure that you can access parking along the streets in the neighborhood.

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