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March 28, 2017

In a well-received speech at Davos in
 January, Chinese President Xi Jinping 
defended international
 economic integration, 
 leading observers to wonder
 if China had assumed a globalization
 leadership role. Former U.S. Deputy 
Assistant Secretary of State Susan Shirk,
 however, says that the real picture
 is more complicated: “The reality 
 is that China has taken a U-turn back
 from decades of reform and opening to
 reform going nowhere and the economy 
becoming more closed.”
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Sunday, in Hong Kong’s chief executive election, 
Beijing’s preferred candidate Carrie Lam 
 the territory’s top post through a highly controversial electoral process, adding to a gulf that has grown in recent 
years between democracy advocates and 
Communist Party. Speaking at Asia Society
 in Hong Kong, Senior Fellow at the Brookings
 Institution Richard Bush described the
 “double tragedy” of failed electoral reforms 
and what challenges lie ahead for the city in 
light of this situation.
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Renowned sheng player, vocalist, and charter 
member of the Silk Road Ensemble Wu Tong
recently performed the U.S. premiere of his new 
chamber piece Water Way at Asia Society in New York
The performance includes a collaboration with American 
visual artist Clifford Ross.
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