lunes, 1 de octubre de 2018

Japan Update

Okinawa's new governor

 to escalate clash over US 


Denny Tamaki's election Sunday 
 as governor of Okinawa 
Prefecture adds difficulty to the contentious relocation of a U.S. 
military base 
and represents a defeat for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Tamaki, like his predecessor, 
opposes plans to move the base,
 already in Okinawa, to a less
 populated coastal area in the prefecture. Tamaki won despite 
Abe's Liberal Democratic Party throwing its full support behind 
 his rival.

The new governor appears to 
have few options to obstruct
 the relocation, but an 
escalating conflict between 
Okinawa and Tokyo could push back the timetable for the move.

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