miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018

Wednesday October 3, 2018 


Analysis: North Korea’s Statecraft-Cybercrime Nexus

Photo: iStock-fredex8

While much of the focus on North Korea has been on efforts by the U.S. to negotiate a denuclearization deal…
  • The cyber threat posed by Pyongyang remains a real threat, just out of view of the headlines.
  • Through network intrusions, North Korean state-sponsored hackers aim to glean crucial military and diplomatic intelligence from foreign networks, fill the coffers of the ruling Kim regime and help finance the Korea People's Army's (KPA) build up.

The Homeland: The Secretaries Series: A Candid Conversation with Janet Napolitano

‘The Homeland’ is bringing you a series of candid, intimate interviews with former Directors of the Department of Homeland Security throughout the month of October.  
  • DHS was born out of 9/11, in an effort to provide greater oversight and communication to better help address threats to the homeland.  
  • Since it was created, however, DHS has had its share of challenges…
  • The Cipher Brief’s Senior Editor for ‘The Homeland’, Todd Rosenblum, talked with former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, about lessons learned since 9/11, how the threats have changed, and what her experiences tell her about where we are today.

ICYMI: Under/Cover:  Review: ‘The Best of Enemies’

Long before 'The Best of Enemies' was published (on sale today), movie producer Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment optioned the book with an eye toward making a motion picture from the tale…
  • 'The Best of Enemies' has all the elements that Hollywood loves…  
  • To start, it has two quirky and colorful lead characters, CIA Officer Jack 'Cowboy' Platt and KGB Officer Gennady Vasilenko…
  • And as the book's title suggests, the men, on opposite sides of the Cold War, develop a deep, abiding and unlikely friendship that survived a brutal cold war and, at times, even more cruel peace at a time when a supposed warming of relations between their countries hid an icy resolve to expose traitors in their midst.