jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

H-Net Notifications CALL FOR PAPERS

CALL FOR PAPERS> Author-Scholars wanted for short reference articles on women and Buddhism

The new Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions is 75 percent done, but there are still a few topics in need of authors. If anyone has an interest in contributing to this project, please send an email with credentials (any old cv is fine) to Susan de Gaia at sjdegaia@gmail.com.  Work on the following topics (or parts thereof) is especially welcome.
  • Women and the Feminine in Mahayana Buddhism
  • Women in Contemporary Buddhist Societies
  • Women's Lay Buddhist Movements
  • Women's Buddhist Networks
  • Other topics may be suggested, but may already be covered. 
Articles should be factual overviews of the topic, from 500 to 2000 words depending on the topic.
The publisher is ABC-CLIO, and expected date of publication is August 2018. Due date for all articles is Sept. 1, 2017.  

Re: REQUEST> Buddhism on Death and Dying

by Susanne Ott
Dear Brad,
We had a series of lectures about that topic in 2009, at the Center for Buddhist Studies in Hamburg, organized by Dr Barbara Schuler. I do not remember whether there is also a print publication. Anyway, there was a photo exhibition, and the lectures (all of them in German, by Prof. Lambert Schmithausen and others) are still online. You can find the links to the lectures here: https://www.buddhismuskunde.uni-hamburg.de/en/veranstaltungen/veranstaltungsaufzeichnungen/2008-12.html">https://www.buddhismuskunde.uni-hamburg.de/en/veranstaltungen/veranstalt...
 Kind regards,