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May 16, 2017


'Everyone Knows That India Is a Hard Place for Women'

In a series of reports for the New York Times, the paper’s South Asia Bureau Chief Ellen Barry explored the position of women in India and why tens of millions are dropping out of the labor force. For her work, she was awarded Asia Society’s 2017 Oz Elliott Prize for Excellence in Journalism on Asia. In an interview with Asia Blog, Barry discussed her experience reporting in India and the challenges rural women there face.
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Unfilled State Department Posts Present a 'Serious Crisis'

Four months into Donald Trump’s presidency, there are still nearly 200 unfilled State Department posts requiring Senate confirmation. Speaking at Asia Society in New York last week, former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said the U.S. cannot address its foreign policy challenges without these people in place, and that these vacancies create vulnerabilities.
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An Evolution of Asian American Stereotypes

In an interview with Asia Blog for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, sociologist Jennifer Lee discusses how the “model minority” stereotype affects Asian American outcomes and how the "Asian American" label can sometimes mask challenges that certain Asian ethnic groups face.
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