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  1. COURSE> VU Amsterdam Summer School: Buddhism and Psychology

COURSE> VU Amsterdam Summer School: Buddhism and Psychology

by Henk Blezer
Dear colleagues,
Allow me to bring this announcement of an advanced BA seminar on Buddhism and Psychology  (8 to 22 July 2017—course starts Monday 10 July) at the VU Amsterdam Summer School to your and particularly to your students’ attention.
With best wishes,
Henk Blezer, Amsterdam Free University and
Leiden University

Buddhism and Psychology: A rare journey of self-discovery
Who should join this course?
Students of the humanities and social sciences, particularly those interested in Religious Studies, Psychology or Asian Studies.

Course content
Since the late nineteenth century, various forms of Buddhism have emerged from modernizing Asia and, with apparent ease, have penetrated new cognitive, spiritual and cultural domains—many far removed from their origins, geographically as well as epistemically. But how has this happened? What does the most recent global rise of interest tell us about Buddhism, and what does it reveal about those who are interested …?

For more details follow the links below.

 I www.amsterdamsummerschool.nl
E amsterdamsummerschool@vu.nl
T +31 (0)20 598642

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