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China’s Maritime Silk Road; Hidden Benefits of Multilingualism; Rural Refugees
May 9, 2017


Why China Is Reviving Maritime Trade With West Asia

Ocean trade routes between China and West Asia have existed for more than a millennium. Now China is seeking to build a “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” through a series of loans and investments in ports, canals, and naval bases along the country’s southern and southwestern periphery in what may be a move to reestablish itself as a great regional power throughout Asia.


Learning Languages Is More Than Just About Communication

In an interview with Asia Blog, senior advisor for Asia Society's China Learning Initiatives Chris Livaccari argues that the benefits of multilingualism go far beyond what most people realize — it's a skill that can enhance capacity for processing information and analyzing the world.


Working With Rural Refugees and Rebuking President Trump

In an interview with Asia Blog for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Nepali-American immigrant Sanjita Pradhan describes her work with refugees in Iowa and explains her public resignation from a presidential advisory commission of Asian Americans.


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