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Newsletter No. 1. 2017     

January 1, 2017

New Articles
Remembering Japan's Industrial Development, 
Preserving its Dark Heritage


Tze M. Loo


Hiromi Mizuno 


Miyamoto Takashi


Jung-Sun Han



Taoka Shunji

APJ announces two new volumes in its Course Reader Series 
  Each volume is selected, introduced, and annotated by an editor to introduce a complex topic, using the resources of the Asia-Pacific Journal.

Volume 14, Japan and the American-led Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, edited by Marie Thorsten, surveys the controversies that arose because the Japanese government supported the two American wars despite considerable domestic opposition. Much of the tension revolved around the government's move to abandon Japan's postwar commitment to pacifism, re-igniting a long-running conflict over the proper relationship between citizen and state in Japan.  The wars also raised-without resolving-the issue of Japan's relationship with the rest of Asia in new ways.
Volume 15, The Ainu People: Indignity, Culture and Politics, edited by Noboru Tomonari presents the history of Japanese government policy toward the Ainu since the Tokugawa period, the experience of the Ainu in Imperial Japan, social issues of the late twentieth century, as well as Ainu cultural representations of themselves in the past and today.
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