lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

Buddhist Political Engagements

October 5



Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley

How has Buddhist thought, cosmology, or ethics been used to engage, disengage, critique, or conform to systems of social and political power? Graduate student presenters will explore the various discursive strategies Buddhists have used historically and contemporarily to reimagine Buddhist worlds in the present moment, to critique or support political systems, and develop practices and approaches to the path in line or at odds with social norms.
Melissa Anne-Marie Curley, keynote speaker
"Impure Land: Ethical Living for Evil People"
Student presenters include:
Brent Beavers, Graduate Theological Union and Institute of Buddhist Studies
CJ Dunford, Graduate Theological Union and Institute of Buddhist Studies
Brianna K. Morseth, Dharma Realm Buddhist University
Adrien Chorn, University of California, Berkeley
Blayne Higa, Institute of Buddhist Studies
Ismail Buffins, Harvard Divinity School
Timothy Loftus, Temple University

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