martes, 25 de septiembre de 2018

Trade war special

US-China trade war 

changes the world 


As the trade war between the
 U.S. and China continues to 
grow in size and scope, it present
s real threats to the global
 economy and has Asian 
manufacturers rethinking 
 production strategies. But as 
tariffs rise, so do unexpected opportunities.

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US-China trade war intensifies as both sides impose new tariffs

Beijing calls off talks, while Washington slaps 10% levies on $200bn worth of imports

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More production shifts from China to Southeast Asia as tariffs mount

Trade war pushes Japanese supply chains out of China

Asahi Kasei and Komatsu juggle global production to avoid US tariffs

Chinese producers expected to beat US tariffs by rerouting goods

Experts say practice is already widespread in some industries

Over 70% of US companies in China feel pain of trade war

Business council warns tariffs will wreak havoc on supply chains

Alibaba's Jack Ma warns trade war could last 2 decades

Tech billionaire confident about Chinese economy's ability to ride out wrenching period